Acquia Says Open Source Helps Enterprises Thrive in Today’s Digital Disruption [April 16, 2013]

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mardi, le 16 avril 2013h

Enterprises are rapidly adopting open-source software to achieve value far beyond just lowering costs. Tom Wentworth, CMO at open-source provider Acquia, discusses how open source addresses trends in evolving enterprise needs and shares examples of return on investment that enterprises achieve through open source.

Enterprises, like all businesses today, are trying to survive in a time of digital disruption. The market is beyond competitive. Look at how digital pioneers like Netflix and Amazon have transformed their industries. It’s only a matter of time before that happens to every industry, if they aren’t ready to innovate.

Open source allows enterprise business to place its bet on the freedom to innovate. The global developer communities bring unforeseen development speed, and the lack of high license fees mean that resources can be invested in a great digital experience. Most importantly, though, open source provides the freedom to innovate, plan out your own product road map, and respond quickly to market demands. That equals survival.

Drupal, MODX: Open Source Communities, Vendors, and Giving Back [April 5, 2013]

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vendredi, le 5 avril 2013h
CMS Report

By Bryan Ruby

This week, I received an email from some marketing folks that Acquia was announcing they are open sourcing their mobile application code for posting content to Drupal sites. For those that don't know, Acquia is a commercial open source software company that provides products, services, and technical support for Drupal. This isn't the first time Acquia and other Drupal vendors have given code back to the Drupal community and you can be assured it won't be the last.

Honestly, I had not been following the development of Drupal Create so it's taken me some time to better understand the significance of this story to open source. SparkPR's Eric Sokolsky explained it to me in his email this way:

Today, Acquia released source code that will allow Drupal website content owners and developers to create their own customized mobile content publishing apps. These apps – the first of their kind on the Drupal platform -- will enable developers to create or curate content on their iOS phones and publish it directly to their existing Drupal-based sites – without being tethered to a laptop or desktop computer.

If I didn't know any better, I would have thought Acquia was eavesdropping on some recent discussions I've had regarding my observation on the potential conflicts between open source vendors and open source communities. Their action alone suggests that perhaps I worry too much. Let me explain.

Le code source de Drupal Create sur GitHub pour créer des apps sous iOS [4 Apr 2013]

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jeudi, le 4 avril 2013h
Le Monde Informatique

Les développeurs vont pouvoir créer des applications sous iOS pour produire du contenu pour Drupal. Acquia a publié sur GitHub le code source en Objective-C de son application mobile Drupal Create.

Avec la mise à disposition du code source Drupal Create, les contributeurs qui sont amenés à publier des contenus sur des sites réalisés avec le CMS Drupal, peuvent le faire à partir de leur terminal sous iOS. L'intégralité du code source de l'application mobile a été mise à disposition en Objective-C sur le référentiel Github, vient d'indiquer la société Acquia qui pilote le projet Open Source de gestion de contenus web. Il permettra aux développeurs de créer des apps personnalisées pour communiquer avec leurs sites montés avec Drupal. Une app prête à l'utilisation, Drupal Gardens, est par ailleurs proposée sur iTunes.

Acquia Releases Drupal Create Source Code for Building Native iOS Publishing Apps [April 3, 2013]

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mercredi, le 3 avril 2013h
CMS Wire

By Anthony Myers

Like posting content to Drupal sites from an iOS device? Acquia, the commercial provider of Drupal Web CMS services, has released the code base for building native iOS apps that can post content right to a Drupal website — the first of its kind.

Produce Content from an iPhone or iPad
What has to be one of the most difficult things for website owners to do is to create content from a mobile device — any content producer will vouch for this painful reality. But while laptops and desktops provide ease of use, they are not exactly practical to use when publishing content on the go.

Some work related items have to be done remotely as is seen in the many discussions on the bring your own device phenomenon. Quite often, however, this is in the context of document collaboration, social media and other collaborative work settings and rarely about content production. In this case it's widely accepted that mobile devices are really not preferable at all.

New Report: Crafting a Comprehensive Digital Government Strategy [March 27, 2013]

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mercredi, le 27 mars 2013h

Excerpt of Executive Summary | View Online Below or Download PDF
Throughout the ages, technology has played an essential role for government to craft a better society for citizens. In the Roman Empire, the aqueducts revolutionized services provided to Roman citizens. Leveraging gravity alone, the Romans were able to transform communities, providing water to distant cities and towns, and create an engineering marvel that would lead to years of economic dominance and influence society for years to come.

Report Highlights

  • Report covers a recent survey from GovLoop community on how agencies are moving to digital solutions to meet increasing demands from citizens
  • Insights based on interviews with government leaders and experts from our industry partners
  • Special section: 6 Ways Emerging Technology is Facilitating Digital Government

Why You Need a Chief Digital Officer [March 27, 2013]

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mercredi, le 27 mars 2013h
The Wall Street Journal

By Tom Erickson, Acquia CEO

The chief digital officer, a relatively recent addition to the C-Suite, is already making his influence felt on today’s technological landscape and, by extension, everyday living. Companies that have yet to hire a CDO, but who regard a great digital customer experience as core to the business, should consider making room for one.

From morning coffee (Starbucks Corp. has a chief digital officer) to the evening panel discussion at the local university (Harvard University has one as well), there’s now a CDO considering the digital implications of experiences that you might not expect. Going through Times Square, I’m reminded that NYC now has its own chief digital officer, that there’s a CDO at the nearby CVS Caremark Corp., and a CDO at the New York Stock Exchange.

It’s fairly easy to pinpoint the trickle-down difference at this everyday level, compared to the days prior the appearance of the chief digital officer. Whether you’re Whole Foods Market Inc. or Warner Music, you now likely have somebody — even if he or she doesn’t have a CDO title — with full responsibility for how technology frames the customer experience. It’s at this personal interaction level where the CDO’s impact is most keenly felt.

Bentley University Shares Drupal Lessons [March 25, 2013]

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lundi, le 25 mars 2013h
Information Week

Drupal is one of the most popular Web content management systems in higher education, but that doesn't mean every university uses it effectively.
Scott Lozier, a senior Web developer at Bentley University in Waltham, Mass., says the open source CMS was already in use there when he arrived about a year and a half ago, but it was being used in a scattered way.

Acquia builds Australian team to assist Drupal deployments [March 26, 2013]

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mardi, le 26 mars 2013h
Geek Zone

Acquia has announced four key appointments to strengthen the team in their new Australian office and support the Acquia Cloud, an scalable hosting environment for Drupal deployments.

The company helps enterprises to create extraordinary web experiences based on Drupal, the open source platform that integrates content, community and commerce. Offering a variety of SaaS solutions specifically designed for Drupal, Acquia gives global organizations the unparalleled ability to rapidly deploy and manage multichannel content across web and mobile devices.

Acquia boosts local presence [March 26, 2013]

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mardi, le 26 mars 2013h

Open source software company, Acquia, has made some new hires to boost its local presence and Cloud offering.

David Peterson has joined as senior Drupal advisor. He has worked on many Drupal sites, including the ABC’s Hungry Beat and digital radio properties. He will be tasked with sharing his knowledge in the local Drupal community, offering training, encouraging local meetings and assisting partners with tenders, architectural issues and customer engagements.

Mollom Releases New Content Moderation Platform [March 26, 2013]

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mardi, le 26 mars 2013h
CMS Critic

Acquia, the enterprise guide to Drupal and the developers of Mollom, just announced the release of its new content moderation platform. Mollum is a Content Moderation Platform service that analyzes content quality on a website and filters out spam or inappropriate messages. Content moderation is a challenging and time-consuming job, but Mollom’s advanced solution makes the task quick and easy.

According to one of the developers, Dries Buytaert (of Drupal fame), “I feel like we’ve secured our place as the leading enterprise-ready content moderation system.” The new rollout is the climax to two years of development, 600 beta testers, and millions of filtered comments.