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Keeping Pace with DigitalDisruption.com

Here are some of the past week's highlights from DigitalDisruption.com, Acquia's portal for examining the impact of digital disruption.

Apple recruits top watch industry sales exec

Apple has hired one of the watch industry's top sales execs, Patrick Pruniaux, TAG Heuer's sales and retail VP. Pruniaux will be working on the iWatch and positioning it as a market leader in an ever changing and competitive wearables landscape.

"Clearly, the team in Cupertino wants someone who can market wristwear to a large audience."

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Facebook Becomes A Local Party Discovery Tool

Facebook has traditionally done a good job helping friends coordinate events and meetups, but now the company wants to be more involved in party discovery, even if your friends won't be there. Facebook Events just got a new visual overhaul that includes a new “Events For You” tab that recommends events and meetups it thinks you’ll enjoy based on your interests, pages liked and even your posts.

"The main Events feed now has a much cleaner, more condensed, iOS7-ish feel to it. A tabbed interface lets you quickly jump back and forth between All your events, Invites, events you’ve “Saved” but not RSVP’d to, and ones you’re “Hosting”. A shortcut on the right lets you hop immediately into past events or the creation flow.

The design makes it much easier to manage invites because they get a dedicated space, instead of being meshed in with ones you’ve already accepted or declined."

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Startups On The Rise In South America

In a country with a population of more than 200 million, South America has been increasingly dependent on emerging technologies and the internet. With that being said, startups are increasingly on the rise to help make those resources more attainable.

"In June the accelerator program Start-Up Chile announced Generation Ten, its latest batch of nearly 100 startups set to arrive in Santiago this summer. Fully funded and supported by the Chilean government, Start-Up Chile is the first of many state-sponsored seed funds to emerge in South America over the last few years.

The success of the program has spawned complementary programs around the region – Start-Up Peru in Lima, Startup BA and Incubar of Argentina, and Colombia’s iNNpulsa, among many others. All are government-backed initiatives designed to catalyze the creation of local startup communities."

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Boston's Solar-powered Benches

According to the Boston Globe, the city of Boston is installing solar-powered benches, which allow certain smartphones and other devices to charge while you're enjoying a cup of coffee or conversation surrounded by nature. Called "Soofas," these benches will be installed within the next few weeks.


"The Soofas were created by Changing Environments, a spinoff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab and a Verizon Innovation Program.

“We are fortunate to have talented entrepreneurs and makers in Boston thinking creatively about sustainability and the next generation of amenities for our residents,” said Mayor Martin J. Walsh."

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