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Announcing jam’s Drupal Camp - open source virtual show and tell

I am fortunate to be able to go to a lot of events around the world as a speaker or simple attendee: Drupal and other tech conferences, business seminars, and more. The Drupal project is my “home base” open source project. For the record, my favorite part of Drupal Camps and Cons is spending time with the people. I get excited about seeing who in the community is doing what, hearing about the latest and greatest projects, and being scared by how smart everyone around me is. This kind of interaction is the glue that holds the Drupal community together. My “jam’s Drupal Camp” isn’t about this part, though.

My second-favorite part of Drupal community events is the fact that when the Drupal community gets together in person, it’s like show and tell. We’re all either there to share the cool, new thing we’ve figured out, or to learn about everyone else’s cool new things. Angie Byron summed it up well in an interview on opensource.com:

I love the knowledge-sharing that the Drupal community does. We have a very collaborative nature. If you learn something cool, your first instinct is to go and tell 10 people about that cool thing you just learned. We try hard to reject "RTFM" culture, in favor of bringing people along.

With something like 100+ Drupal Camps and sprints, 2 DrupalCons, and countless meetups each year (not to mention countless other exciting events in the tech and business worlds), there are a lot of great show and tell sessions out there ... and that we’ll never get to see. A lot of events don’t have the means to record and publish all of their sessions. A lot of great sessions are probably buried away on the 2010 Drupal Camp Somewheresville website ... or used to be before the hosting expired. jam’s Drupal Camp isn’t going to solve that either.

What is it?

I would like to highlight some great Drupal sessions; make them findable; “surface” them and make them accessible to a broader audience. To get started, I have collected an initial run of interesting (to me) sessions I have seen myself or heard about from recent Drupal and PHP events. To make a jam’s Drupal Camp session, the presenter(s) and I have gone on a live Google Hangout on Air, had a chat about who they are and what they do, and then gone through the presentation decks and demos. I will now start posting these on Acquia.com as jam’s Drupal Camp - hurray!

jam’s Drupal Camp - “Day 1” and beyond

In the first group of jam’s Drupal Camp sessions, you can look forward to seeing the following in the next few weeks:

  • Amitai Burstein on continuous deployment for content using Zariz
  • Cathy Theys on getting and giving good patch reviews (faster!)
  • Marek Sotak on helping users through better UX and tools
  • Gábor Hojtsy explaining the amazing Drupal 8 multilingual initiative’s successes.

I’ve got “Day 2” lined up, so look for more great sessions coming your way at jam’s Drupal Camp soon! Submit your own!

Call for Sessions, Call for requests

So far, I have collected sessions for my camp by watching live presentations at events and inviting people to come on the air with me. At this point, I don’t know how much this can scale, but I want to present a curated set of interesting, inspiring, and exciting sessions about Drupal, open source technology, or whatever you can convince me to fulfills the above criteria.

Drop me a line at jam@acquia.com if you’ve got a session you’d like to get out to a bigger audience. Include “jam’s Drupal Camp session proposal” in your email subject line. I won’t be able to take everything, but I am keen to do what I can!

What else do you want to see? If there was a session you loved by someone else, make a request! Maybe we can convince that awesome person to do that presentation that changed your life one more time!

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