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Drupal t-skirt!

by Heather

It's the Drupal t-skirt! You have a pile of Drupal t-shirts, you can knit some Drupal socks (by Emma Jane Hogbin), and now you can complete your outfit with a skirt.

Today was a day off in the UK. (Yay bank holidays!) I decided to breath new life into some of favorite Drupal t-shirts, though I couldn't bear to cut up my Drupal Gardens t-shirts, or ones by MortenDK. I sew, but I hate following patterns. I didn't seem to find a suitable one that worked (ok, one that didn't require elastic, since I don't have any). Also I wanted to save as much of the pictures as possible. Here are some alternative examples:
- This layered pencil shirt could show off more of the t-shirt pictures.
- If you have shirring elastic you could make a skirt out of one t-shirt. Super simple.
- I like this one, since it saves most of the picture, but I wanted an A-line skirt.

So here are the instructions, but no pattern. Pretty, simple, with only one measurement. I have to say, it's super comfortable!!

1. Sort and Measure

Sort through your t-shirts. How many can you sacrifice? I had 6.
Measure your hips at the widest point.
Divide the total width of your hips by the number of t-shirts. If your total measure was 40 inches, and you have 5 t-shirts, then the top of each panel will be 8 inches wide. Add 1 inch (1/2 inch each side) for edging. 9 inches each top of panel in that case.
This is really the only measurement you need.

2. Cut the panels

Fold a t-shirt in half. Cut a straight line right under the front collar. Measure half the width of the top of the panel. First example, 4 inches. Mark it with a pen.
Cut from this mark down to the bottom edge of the t-shirt at the bottom.

To cut additional panels, you can just measure in the same way, or use the first one as a pattern.
You can make this one t-shirt thick, or you can make it double thickness. I did this to also show the cut-outs of the bottom layer. So I used contrasting colors.

3. Embellish

You don't have to do this step, if you don't have time! To get some inspiration for embellishments, check out Alabama Stitch Book - DIY or their site. Note: that is all done with hand-stitching, I used a sewing machine.
Baste the 2 layers of t-shirts for each panel.

Cut a stencil and paint the drops on the skirt. I did 3 sizes of drops, with smaller ones at the top. I used acrylic paint, but I'm not sure if it will last. I didn't have fabric paint.

Sew around the drop with a contrasting thread using a zig zag stich.
Cut a hole inside the drops to show the fabric underneath if you have 2 layers.

Work on each panel before assembling. That will make it MUCH easier to maneuver in the sewing machine.

4. Assemble & sew

I laid out the skirts to decide which looked better side by side. I chose to have the red and pinks alternating so each open seam would show up.

If you were more organized you'd pin them together before sewing. But I found the friction was good enough.
Keep WRONG SIDES together. And sew a straight stich down the seam.
You don't have to do open seams, but I liked showing the colors in the layers.
I used pinking shears to finish the seams. Cut off the excess fabric, leaving about 1/2 inch of edging.

5. Top waist band

The top waist band is stretchy and fitted, with the skirt sewn to it from the hip seam. You can read this article for tips on making a waist band from old t-shirts

I made the top band by cutting up fitted t-shirt I don't wear any more. It was a little thin, so I doubled up making two bands from two different shirts. I cut under the arms so it was basically a tube that on my waist and it's snug enough on my hips to hold up the skirt. It has a little more lycra than normal t-shirts. It's about double the length I need, so I can fold it down. Very comfortable!
Overlap the band and the skirt panels. If you were more organized you'd probably pin the band onto the top edge of the skirt. Sew together with a zig zag stitch. I decided to sew it flat instead of making a seam that would have to be felled (sewn down), which I thought would add bulk and stiffness.
I had to stretch the band a bit to accomodate the skirt, but they fit together fine.

At the end, cut around the whole bottom to make the bottom even. I just left the edge raw instead of hemming. Otherwise, the panel side seams will be lower than the rest.

I'll be wearing this at DrupalCamp Ireland in a few weeks. It's really comfy.

If you make one, please post me a link, I'd love to see!

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