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Website Personalization Reporting with Acquia Lift

As the Acquia team continues our implementation of Acquia Lift across all digital properties, we thought we’d take a deep dive on our experience with reporting for other teams who may benefit from our use case. This article outlines the implementation process we have followed, including how we gather data from Acquia Lift, breaking it out into three different reporting mechanisms to deliver market-focused data insights to make decisions on how best to create personalized and compelling digital channels.

Acquia Lift Experience Builder

What is Lift Experience Builder?

Experience Builder is a component of Acquia Lift that allows you to track visitors’ behavior on your website and build content experiences tailored to their interests. It integrates tightly with Drupal, allowing you to leverage the Drupal skills and knowledge you’ve developed from maintaining your website, rather than having to use a separate application with its own interface and API to target content to your visitors. 

How uses Lift Experience Builder for Reporting

The experience builder has a few different screens that you can look at to get quick insights to how your personalization is performing. As a starting point, we recommend for you to set up goals, as outlined here. For example, we have set up goals to track conversions on the website. Typically, a conversion for us is classified as a lead capture or registration for our resources hosted on the website. 

You may ask, how does lift know about a conversion? Great question! We have set up goals in google analytics/google tag manager. We then send the information to Lift with an HTML tag through Google Tag Manager, as shown below:

 _tcaq.push(['capture', 'marketo_form_submit']);

As Lift captures information about these conversions, we are able to review quick insights in the Experience Builder while a Lift campaign is in the conversion process. Some of these insights include the following:

  • Conversion Rate
  • Conversion Value
  • Number of completed conversions  

Upon receiving these data insights, you can make changes in real time to personalizations that are not currently undergoing conversion.

Acquia Lift Profile Manager

What is Profile Manager?

Profile Manager provides a set of prebuilt reports and visualizations that allow you to gain insights about visitors’ behaviors and actions on your websites and optionally across other channels, as well. These reports can be filtered to display data for different websites and time periods. In certain cases, you can add additional filters based on specific event names of interest or other criteria.

How uses Profile Manager for Custom Reporting

With Acquia Lift Profile Manager, pre-existing reports provide a visual representation to our data. Typically, we use this view to look at our segment trends, which tell us the frequency and types of profiles that are visiting our site at a given point of time, allowing us to tailor our content toward a particular segment. Once we gather this data, we are able to plan for the most optimal time to promote campaigns or resources to a given segment, ensuring a well-designed individualized user experience. 

Reporting with Business Intelligence Tools

What is a BI Tool or DOMO?

Business intelligence (BI) tools are types of application software that collect and process large amounts of unstructured data from internal and external systems. Acquia Lift users who want to access the data warehouse may use BI tools to access the warehouse directly. At Acquia, we use DOMO to connect to the Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouse.

How uses DOMO to Create Custom Reports

DOMO is a single cloud-based platform within which you can create dynamic visualizations, collaborate with stakeholders and transform data. Proactive alerts keep you in the loop, and DOMO’s mobile app is a clever tool to look at data on the run. Through DOMO, we are able to bring all our data together from the Acquia Lift Amazon Redshift data warehouse as well as our other analytics platforms. We primarily use DOMO reporting for the following:

  • Viewing how many visitors fall into each of our segments
  • Viewing how campaigns are performing
  • Real-time alerts on personalizations running on our digital properties
  • Sending out weekly reports to the marketing organization
  • Tying all of our analytics platforms into one system for a comprehensive overview

For more information about DOMO and Amazon Redshift, click here


Market data and analytic capabilities have become essential tools for marketing teams to quickly point to relevant data as methodology for building marketing plans to develop contextual, personalized experiences for business audiences. Acquia Lift provides this opportunity through its Experience Builder component, allowing you to track and analyze visitors’ behavior on your website, and Profile Manager, through setting up segment trends to create reports that produce a visual representation to the data. Working with large data collections to increase personalization of users’ experiences can be a Herculean task, yet we can attest that once you begin the implementation of a product that is designed for linking data across technologies and channels, whether it is blogs, videos or other webpages that align to a specific segment you want to engage, the possibilities are infinite for designing tailored content that communicates your brand’s message in a personalized way to each of your customers.  

Prasanna Kulkarni

Prasanna Kulkarni

Web Analytics Manager Acquia