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Palantir builds custom D8 Modules for AcademyHealth

At Acquia, our partners are thought leaders, storytellers, and tastemakers. We are proud to partner with the leading digital agencies, development shops, and system integrators that are driving the future of digital. Partner Success Stories highlight partners who not only build and extend their business with Acquia and Drupal, but create significant value for their clients through an emphasis on customer success.

home site is a full-service web agency that specializes in Drupal development, and was an influential contributor to the Drupal 8 Module Acceleration Program. The team at Palantir is responsible for contributing Workbench, a suite of modules that improve the experience of maintaining and editing content in Drupal. Palantir’s list of contributions doesn’t end there; most recently they built a custom Drupal 8 module for GatherContent.

Due to Palantir’s established Drupal prowess, the agency was selected by AcademyHealth, an objective broker of healthcare information, to define their web presence and effectively demonstrate the value of AcademyHealth membership. Working in partnership with the Acquia Ready team, Palantir successfully replatformed the AcademyHealth site on to Drupal 8 aided by the dedicated Acquia concierge staff.

AcademyHealth brings together health services and policy research professionals to transform the future of health services research (HSR). ​Health services research that helps to determine what works, for whom, at what cost, and under what circumstances. HSR studies how our health system works, how to support patients and providers in choosing the right care, and how to improve health through care delivery.

AcademyHealth offers HSR practitioners access to leading health policy publications, course syllabi, research funding, networking opportunities and training programs. Additionally they provide policymakers and the media the necessary tools to navigate and address key issues related to the delivery of health care and the development of health policy. By redesigning their site, AcademyHealth’s goal was to make it easy to find and explore relevant HSR research and topics drawn from a variety of sources.

Prior to migrating to Drupal 8, the AcademyHealth membership site was platformed on CMS Plus, a proprietary content management solution, and their blog was on WordPress. Due to the resource and budgetary constraints that coincide with a non-profit organization like AcademyHealth, they required the following; a CMS that would create a cohesive web presence and eliminate licensing fees; a hosting solution that would ease the workload of hosting internally; and a proper development workflow, which could be achieved by a cloud hosting solution.

Because of the long-term affordability offered by an open source solution, Drupal 8 was chosen to be the best option for the new AcademyHealth site. Given their stated hosting needs and having deployed numerous sites successfully in partnership with Acquia, Palantir recommended Acquia’s services to be the most effective cloud hosting solution for AcademyHealth.

Several aspects of the Acquia Platform perfectly suited AcademyHealth’s needs, such as automated backups and disaster recovery. The Acquia also achieved two key goals for AcademyHealth: the first goal was to incorporate Apache Solr into the new site. The second was that the AcademyHealth site had a Personify SSO integration that required special handling on the firewall level. They wanted to expose the Personify API while protecting the application, and Acquia was able to do so.

We have had an amazing experience with Acquia. They have been extremely responsive, and they have done everything they can to get us to where we need to be. - Zenneia McLendon, Digital Strategy at AcademyHealth

If you want to learn more about the strategy and design behind AcademyHealth’s replatform, visit Palantir’s session Content Before Code - A D8 Case Study at Drupalcon Baltimore tomorrow. In this sessions you’ll learn more about how a partnership between Palantir and Acquia transformed AcademyHealth’s membership site, in addition to the following take aways:

  • How to use GatherContent to create content
  • Migrate structured content in conjunction with Drupal 8
  • Collaborate with clients in planning, structuring and curating content prior to development

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