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Full Circle: A Field Marketer’s Perspective on Digital Transformation

Last night, I was sitting on my couch checking up on email and saw this: email

Helping organizations to be successful with digital transformation is the core of what I work on everyday. Last night, I was able to experience the full lifecycle of an Acquia site-deployment with a customer. I remember hearing when the opportunity was discovered; progress as our sales organization worked to identify what Intuit wanted to achieve; and reading the win report; and it all came full circle when a personal site-launch notification to help “take control of your money and get more out of life” came across my inbox.

In that moment, as I read that email it was more clear than ever that what we work so hard to achieve at Acquia actually gets delivered and has an impact: we’re helping organizations to achieve digital nirvana, giving them a platform to deliver their customers the kind of dynamic, personalized experiences they have come to expect on their devices, on their terms, when and where they want.

Mint is a personal finance service that lets users track and monitor their financials in one place without the need for routine maintenance or accounting knowledge on the part of the user. Mint tracks bank, credit union and credit card transactions and alerts its users to upcoming bills, low balances or unusual spending. [Source:] I have been a user for a few years now, and it enables me to streamline the management of my finances by consolidating them onto a single, easy to use platform.

I spend my days at Acquia working with our North American field sales team to help them expand their business within their territories. I encourage our prospective customers to think ahead to a future where more digitally driven change in user preferences or enabling technology makes it imperative they build their digital presence on a platform that will give them the freedom to be agile and not only deal with change, but seize the opportunities that change presents to them.

This is exactly why Intuit [the parent company behind] sought out Acquia as a trusted advisor to help them with their digital transformation. In December, 2014 went live on the Acquia Platform.
Customers such as Mint don’t just need to better serve their customers today, they need to position themselves for whatever the future may bring. Today it’s mobile, tomorrow it’s wearable, next year it could be something we haven’t even considered yet. Whatever it is, you need a platform that’s flexible enough to adapt without the perils of being locked into a product roadmap that is inflexible and bounded by the capacity a closed-system product roadmap.

I presented the following slide a few weeks ago in Washington, D.C.:

digital transformation

Forrester Research, a well-known independent analyst firm, recently published two reports – one for the CIO and one for the CMO. Both reports specifically point out that organizations who focus on their customer’s experience have outperformed those that don’t

Forrester promotes four principles for embracing digital transformation:

digital transformation

First you need to harness big data and make it actionable. Second, you need to transform the customer experience to make it personal and contextual. Third, you need to accelerate your digital business by taking advantage of cloud-based innovation. Lastly, you need to embrace the mobile mind-shift and plan ahead for the always-on, and always-on-the-go consumer.

It’s clear to me now, more than ever, that we really do help companies with their digital transformation.

To learn more about Digital Transformation, and how we’re helping leading organizations to think ahead, join us at one of these cities:

The Digital Transformation Tour is a roadshow aimed at marketing AND IT professionals- helping them to converge around digital. These events are two hours in length, and provide a platform for you to network with leading organizations in each city, hear from our experts on real digital transformation case studies, and walk away with tips and tactics on how to future-proof your digital roadmap.

I hope to see you there!

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