Accueil / DrupalCon Training - Portland 2013

DrupalCon Training - Portland 2013

We work hard with partners to keep a steady flow of Drupal training events in our calendar to bring Drupal training as close to you as possible. However DrupalCon poses a great opportunity for you to get training on a variety of speciality topics. It’s an opportunity to learn from people whose skills are much in demand.

A great value!

DrupalCon’s registration price is exceedingly low. So if you think about it, adding the cost of training provides a huge advantage - and the total cost is still even lower than most tech conferences!

Are you brand new? Training is a great first step

DrupalCon training runs on the day before the conference starts. For this reason, it’s an ideal way to kick start your week. Especially if you’re new to Drupal. The "Absolute beginners" course (OSTraining) or Drupal for Decision Makers (OwnSourcing) for example will give you a solid introduction to Drupal, so you can enjoy the rest of the week and actually understand many more of the presentations.

Another nice side-bonus of taking part in training is that you make friends and connections, and that makes the conference even that much more enjoyable.

Want to get better? We can always learn something new.

The training day gives you a chance to expand on your skill set and get a deep dive into a particular topic. I think the biggest advantage with training however is to be able to bend the ear of specialists who will be able to give you the best advice out there. I’ve selected a few of my favorites from our training partners to give you a flavor of the options available.

Security: Process, Code & Hands-on Training
Acquia team from PS and engineering Ben Jeavons (coltrane), David Stoline (dstol), Cash Williams (cashwilliams) Ben summarized the course well in his blog post last week.
Who's it for? This class is for developers, themers, sysadmins, security experts, and people who do one or more of those things.

Drupal 7 Module Development .
Training by our partner: Zivtech - Jody Hamilton. What can I say about Jody? She gave what is one of the funniest (and most informative!) DrupalCon presentations of all time: Drupal Lemons: Diseases and cures.
Who's it for? Those with PHP knowledge, looking to learn the basics of Drupal 7 module development

Mastering Views 7 Configuration
Training by our partner: Evolving Web. Suzanne has extensive knowledge about Drupal, but she's also got bags of patience as well.
Suzanne is doing a webinar with us on April 30th! Keep an eye out on our webinar calendar for details.
Who's it for? Site builders, themers, and developers who want to master the Views module and get more control over how content is displayed and organized in Drupal.

Drupal 8 and Symfony: All you need to rock.
Training by our partner: Cross Functional. Ryan Cross and his team are coming all the way from Australia to unlock the secrets of Drupal 8 for you.
Who's it for? Developers and Solution Architects - anyone who wants to learn how to leverage Symfony2 components within Drupal 8.

Drupal for Decision Makers.
Training by our partner: Own Sourcing - and a crack team of developers.
Who's it for? Department heads, team leads, hiring managers, project managers, lead developers.

Reminder: Earlybird Pricing!

So - as I mentioned, there is earlybird pricing on some of the courses. And the deadline happens to be on a holiday, March 29th. So! Don’t leave it to last minute.

Head on over to DrupalCon's training page and see what is on offer.

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