Beautiful Not Boring; Standardizing Your Sites the Right Way

Beautiful Not Boring; Standardizing Your Sites the Right Way

How standardization can help organizations deliver better, more cohesive experiences across all of their sites

Your websites are the main digital representation of your brand. They can be a prospect or customer’s very first impression of your organization, potentially setting the tone for that entire relationship.

It’s imperative you make sure that you put your best foot forward. An inconsistent online experience can cause confusion, frustration or distrust for visitors, which then can hurt your bottom line.

But how do you ensure that each of your sites has a great experience, the right content and consistent branding at scale?

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Standardization and templatization might seem in contrast to something like brand consistency, but in reality, it allows organizations to deliver better websites in a scalable way.

This is Acquia Cloud Site Factory’s approach to site development. Standardization does not equal boring; Acquia Cloud Site Factory helps organizations create stunning, consistently branded digital sites by enabling templates -- from simple to more feature flexible --to be built off of single code base.

Standardization doesn’t come without drawbacks, including some limitations on certain architectural decisions.

However, bringing uniformity to your digital site strategy means all of your sites are brand compliant and consistent. Also, a standardized approach to site design, look and feel, and user experience can entice visitors to stay longer, which deepens the connection between customers and the organizations that serve them.

That all sounds like an ideal approach to multisite, but where is the proof? We know we can get lost in the weeds with all of our technical speak, so we wanted to take a step back and showcase a couple great examples of the beautiful, but standardized sites and digital experiences from Acquia Cloud Site Factory customers.

University of California Davis

After a thorough rebranding effort, UC Davis developed a web style guide using PatternLab and rolled it out to existing Drupal 7 sites and all new Drupal 8 sites on Site Factory.

UC Davis has a number of stakeholders on campus, from academic and administrative departments, to research labs, centers, and initiatives and each of their respective web audiences differ in what is relevant to them.

To meet so many varied use cases across the campus, UC Davis developed their SiteFarm distribution for consistency yet flexibility.

SiteFarm is in the process of being implemented beyond UC Davis, and throughout the University of California system.

UC Davis

UC Davis 3

UC Davis 4

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Warner Music Group

Before Warner Music chose Acquia Cloud Site Factory, they were looking for a platform that allowed them to provide standardized templates with customization abilities for each of their artists.

Warner needed a platform that made it fast and easy to spin up sites; they have a lot of artists with lots of demands.

With Acquia Cloud Site Factory, Warner Music was able to create beautiful, customized sites that all had a similar user experience and information architecture so that visitors could easily find what they were looking for on each of the artists’ sites.

For example, most artists have a “home” page, “tour” page/section, “store” page/section, and “social media/news” page/section.

Warner Music Group 1

Warner Music Group 4

Warner Music Group 5

Warner Music Group 2

Warner Music Group 6

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Jenni Lee

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