Announcing Acquia DAM

Today, Acquia announced the release of Acquia DAM, a modern digital asset manager designed to centralize, organize and find approved creative assets used throughout your organization.

Acquia DAM directly connects designers with digital marketers and connects both with Acquia’s digital experience platform; this allows assets to be created and approved faster, campaigns to be launched sooner and ensures that branding remains consistent at every point in the customer journey.

Creative assets are the fuel that lights an organization’s brand. They entice prospects and customers to interact with websites, applications, mobile apps, social, facebook video ads, presentations, and even physical advertisements and product packaging. But every single one of these assets originates from the desk of a graphic designer, artist, or videographer; they create the physical files that ultimately make their way into the hands of the marketing and sales organization.

The entire process is dragged down by inefficiencies. During the actual process of building these files, companies typically rely on tools such as email, messaging apps, cloud storage, local drives, Google Drive, etc. for asset review, comments, feedback and approval. Version control is non-existent, formal processes for approval are often ad-hoc for each asset, and there is no history of changes made. On top of the significant discrepancies in the approval process, final assets are often left in cloud storage leading to multiple, outdated, off-brand versions in circulation internally and being shared with customers and prospects externally. This also becomes an issue when assets need to be retired for limited-time licensing purposes. Failure to know which assets have an expired can result in hefty fees and sometimes fines in regulated industries.

Now, multiply these potential complications by the number of assets -- which can be in hundreds or thousands -- strewn across the virtual collective of employees and you’ve now got a digital asset nightmare. Acquia DAM exists to solve these issues before they become serious roadblocks for an organization. There are three key aspects to Acquia DAM that remedy the headaches of DIY asset management:

  1. A centralized cloud repository that keeps all creative assets organized, tagged and searchable throughout the lifecycle of those assets.
  2. An easy to use workflow and collaboration capability that let marketers and designers work, review, mark up, approve and publish assets faster than ever
  3. Interfaces for people and systems to use approved assets. For Acquia customers, a seamless integration with Acquia’s digital experience platform lets the marketer embed assets from within the DAM directly into their Drupal site. A configurable portal makes it simple and fast for them to find and download the files they need.
Acquia DAM


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The power of Acquia DAM is a host of capabilities that work out of the box to get customer experiences started faster:

  • Seamless Drupal 7 & Drupal 8 Lightning integration: Quickly and conveniently build and deliver digital experiences that incorporate captivating rich-media assets that are centrally managed and governed across the organization.
  • Adaptable creative workflows: Use project briefs, approval routing and proofing tools to build a system of record and deliver better content, faster.
  • Centralized content distribution: Schedule or instantly publish to sites in the Acquia Platform and social channels to make it easier to share new content and promote your brand.
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure: Leveraging a global cloud infrastructure, Acquia DAM bakes in multiple layers of security and easily scales to satisfy the needs of any rapidly growing organization.
  • Brand management: Use drag-and-drop templates to build and publish brand guidelines via a customized brand portal.
  • Secure sharing: Control user access to assets with highly configurable download rules, link expiration and permissions.
  • Enhanced search: Find what you need – quickly – with advanced search capabilities. Search content by file type, within folders and documents, or use advanced filters and custom metadata to hone in on the perfect asset.
  • Integrations: Connect your entire organization with seamless integrations for Adobe design tools, Box, Dropbox, Shutterstock image libraries, and more.
  • Precision proofing: Speed up creative cycles by pinpointing feedback to even the most-minute details with review and markup on any file type including video.
  • Local languages: Acquia DAM is available in more than 10 languages to create a more intuitive workflow for users across the globe.
  • Mobile productivity: Work on the go and use the complete power of Acquia DAM to access, manage and share assets from any mobile device.

The production of creative assets has been growing over the past few years as the modern world expects everything to be interactive and engaging. The management of creative assets has never been more critical. Acquia DAM alleviates the process and asset management challenges and reduces the risk of outdated content. The focus returns to creating the best possible customer experience.

Stephen Skidmore

Former Director of product marketing Acquia