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'11 for $11 - Why You Should Renew Your Acquia Network Subscription Today

You may have seen an e-mail from Acquia or some chatter out on twitter about $11 renewals for Acquia Network basic subscriptions. To answer the question we keep getting from our customers; yes, it's for real, and we strongly encourage you to sign-up today. More importantly, I wanted to address why you should care and what would make you want to renew.

The Acquia Network is the cornerstone of most of our customers' relationship with Acquia. The Network is where you get support in either our forums or through our ticketing system, it's where you can access our vast pool of tips, tricks, and how-to's in the Acquia Library, and it's where developers and site owners access the Acquia Search and Mollom spam blocking tools we offer to extend your site. But, like most 2+ year old technology products, the Network has been ripe for a redesign and expansion. Enter "Acquia Network 2.0".

We're gearing up to deploy a complete redesign of the Acquia Network in the spring of this year, with improvements across the board. We don’t want any of our current customers to miss out on the big changes and new tools we have planned, which is why we launched the '11 for $11 promotion.

So what's coming?

  • Great New Services – Mobile design tools from our new partner Mobify, Drupal/PHP performance monitoring and analysis from New Relic, video services, marketing tools, SEO analysis, and lots more for site owners and developers.
  • Better Knowledge and Training – More articles, videos, white papers, and the ability to search across Drupal knowledge sources through the Acquia Library.
  • Improved UI – Dramatic improvements to the ease of use of the entire Acquia Network including new dashboards for monitoring the health of your site and self-service site administration tools for customers on our Acquia Hosting managed cloud platform.

Renewing is easy; complete a simple form on this landing page, pay your $11, and we'll add 1 more year to your subscription (regardless of when you signed up or last renewed). Not an existing customer? We'll honor the $11 renewal for you as well -- just sign up online for a 1 year basic subscription, and then visit the form to tack on 1 more year for $11. Just note, orders must be placed no later than January 31, 2011 to get this deal.

Acquia Network 2.0 is in important part of Dries' vision for Acquia, and for contributing to the growth of Drupal through what Acquia does. The Network will continue to expand and improve throughout 2011 and beyond, with even more services and tools for developers, web designers, and site owners to make the most of their choice to go Drupal.

We're very excited for what is coming, and hope you will be as well. Please let us know what you think about our plans so far, and watch for more details on the release soon!