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Stéphane Corlosquet

Senior Software Engineer
Acquia, Inc.

Stéphane "scor" Corlosquet has contributed to Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 core. He is the maintainer the RDF module in Drupal 7, and is a member of the Drupal security team. Since joining the community in 2005, he has been a speaker at many DrupalCons and DrupalCamps in Europe, North America and Latin America, mostly on the topic of Drupal and the Semantic Web. See scor's Drupal profile to know more about his contributions to the Drupal project.

Stéphane holds a master's degree specializing in Semantic Web from the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), Ireland. He co-authored the ISWC 2009 "Best Semantic Web In Use Paper" titled Produce and Consume Linked Data with Drupal! and wrote his thesis on the topic of "Bootstrapping the Web of Data with Drupal". Stéphane contributed two chapters to the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7: Chapter 28 on the Semantic Web and Drupal, and chapter 6 on Security in Drupal.

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TL;DR: a security update for Drupal 7 and Drupal 6 was just released. All sites are affected and sites that are not updated immediately may experience Denial of Service (DoS) attacks leading to unexpected downtime. Update: This vulnerability was Plus...
Posted on mardi, le 11 juin 2013, 13h50 EDT
Last week’s SemTechBiz San Francisco was packed with insightful keynotes and sessions showing trends for semantic web technologies. The hot topics of the conference were Google’s, Yahoo’s and Wikidata’s Knowledge Graphs, as well as the adoption of Plus...