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Gábor Hojtsy

Drupal Core Developer
Acquia, Inc.

Gábor is an open source enthusiast and contributor, most active as a Drupal developer, working with and on the open source project itself at Acquia. He started off contributing to Open Source in 2000 when he became an active contributor to the PHP Documentation team and became the lead to that team and the website team for years. Technical edited the first Hungarian PHP developer book, led courses on web technologies and co-organized various PHP and generic web development conferences. Started working with and on Drupal in 2003, and became devoted to the multilingual functionality and sometimes the lack thereof. He is an active contributor ever since, was the co-organizer of DrupalCon Szeged 2008 and Drupal Dev Days 2014, he is the maintainer for Drupal 6, the initiator and lead of, Drupal's software localization site and lead to the Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative.

When not geeking out, he is also passionate about singing, music and amateur acting, especially when these are all combined.

Derniers billets

Posted on lundi, le 28 mars 2011, 04h33 EDT
It is very common for people to have a hard time starting out with Drupal and gradually improve their relationship with it–I mean both the software and the community! I'm going to take the liberty here of sharing some of the insights I have gained Plus...