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Diana Wiener

Acquia, Inc.

Diana is a Drupal hobbyist turned new professional. Though Texas born and bred, she has lived in Portland, Oregon since 2000. Diana attended Lewis & Clark College and Lewis & Clark Law School, but prefers to live the tech life. This is a return to form as a tech professional for Diana, whose first job out of high school was print and web design in the mid-1990s. Despite Diana's circuitous professional path to position with Acquia, all of her experience has focused on crisis management, emergency response, and customer service. Diana also has a passion for education and training, and she loves helping others learn.

When she isn't playing with Drupal, Diana collects and reviews perfume, goes to concerts and movies, reads tons on books, and volunteers as an advocate for sexual assault and domestic violence survivors. She owns four cats, enjoys a good road trip, and brakes for signs indicating random historical attractions, often to the annoyance of other passengers.