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DC Denison

Senior Editor, Technology
Acquia, Inc.

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Posted on jeudi, le 11 février 2016, 11h47 EST
Acquia is once again a sponsor of an upcoming DrupalCon -- DrupalCon Asia in Mumbai, India. It runs Feb 18 through Feb 21. Some of us are traveling a long way to be there and meet new friends from the Indian community. Other colleagues are already Plus...
Posted on mercredi, le 4 novembre 2015, 16h55 EST
The upcoming release of Drupal 8 (Do we have to remind you that it's on November 19th?) will no doubt inspire a flurry of "how to" blog posts. Which makes this a good time to focus on some D8-inspired professional development. One resource that Plus...
Posted on jeudi, le 11 juin 2015, 09h31 EDT
One of the major challenges facing every digital publisher is making sure its content will display properly up on every possible venue: desktop, tablet, and phone of course, but also in web services, and on the emerging display opportunities Plus...