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Charu Agarwal

Software Engineer
Acquia, Inc.

Derniers billets

Posted on mercredi, le 10 juin 2015, 15h43 EDT
Strong documentation is the product of good writing. It’s funny I suggest that because for the longest time, my idea of writing well applied only to writing lines of code. But when I started my internship at Acquia, I quickly realized the Plus...
Posted on mercredi, le 27 mai 2015, 12h51 EDT
Like a composer who can’t wait to conduct a great symphony, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Composer, a PHP dependency management tool. You could say this blog post is my "Ode to Joy" about using Composer. It was fun watching it update all my Plus...
Posted on mercredi, le 16 juillet 2014, 16h24 EDT
I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new beginning which weaves more threads on to it like spider as it goes on. Acquia internship came as this new beginning to me that I always thought of and dreamt of. I admired startups with Plus...