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Brant Wynn

Acquia, Inc.

My primary role at Acquia is creating and documenting reusable components for the pre-sales team to demo working proofs-of-concept built using Drupal. These demos and POCs help clients get on board with Drupal and show them that open-source software can capably solve the increasingly complex problems that these organizations are up against. The result of these efforts has lead to an open sourced distribution called Demo Framework that has helped the Drupal community collaborate and share their efforts in demo creation.

I also co-founded and organize Chicago's Advanced Drupal User Group (CADUG), a meetup group focused on facilitating discussions between Drupal professionals that live and work in the Chicago area. Although founded by advanced Drupalists, CADUG encourages people from all areas to attend and learn with them.

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Posted on mardi, le 10 juin 2014, 09h48 EDT
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