Acquia Launches Comprehensive Partner Program

Leading Drupal solution providers set to deliver solutions based on Acquia Drupal and the Acquia Network

ANDOVER, MA – October 14, 2008 – Acquia today announced a comprehensive partner program to collaborate with Web solution providers, helping customers succeed with the open source Drupal social publishing system. The Acquia Partner program offers Web solution providers co-marketing opportunities and qualified lead sourcing to open new revenue streams, accelerate sales cycles, and increase client satisfaction. Clients seeking world-class Drupal social publishing solutions now have a trusted resource for finding full-vetted solution providers who deliver on-time and on-budget on the solid foundation of Acquia Drupal software and Acquia Network subscriptions.

The new partner program will appeal to Drupal solution providers large and small including consulting firms, hosting providers, ISVs with complementary technologies, and value-added distributors and resellers. By participating in the Acquia Partner program, solution provider partners can earn referral commission revenue for Acquia Network subscriptions delivered as part of their solutions. Partners gain eligibility to participate in joint sales and marketing programs that add new revenue by increasing awareness, generating leads, and helping close business in record time.

"Customer interest in the open source Drupal social publishing system is accelerating sharply, and a growing number of firms are establishing Drupal consulting practices to respond to this demand,” said Jay Batson, Acquia co-founder and CEO. “The Acquia Partner program enables Drupal service providers large and small to more effectively provide commercially supported Drupal solutions, ensuring their customers’ success and increasing their Drupal services revenue.”

"Our partnership with Acquia will provide our customers a commercially supported means to engage with the Drupal project," stated John Eckman, senior director, Optaros Labs. "Drupal provides immense value for Web publishers and community managers, enabling them to create rich communities with professional and user generated content, deep interaction, and high degrees of participation."

The Acquia Partner program offers multiple levels designed to match the needs and contributions of partners of all sizes. Current levels include:

  • Silver Partners: Silver partners are small solution providers or individual consultants. This level is designed for broad-based membership. Seven partners have already joined the program at the Silver level, and hundreds of more are expected to join in the months ahead.
  • Gold Partners: Gold partners are major medium to large size firms that are recognized as best-of-class solution providers in one or two geographic regions or vertical markets. Three partners have already joined the program at the Gold level.
  • Platinum Partners: Platinum partners have received substantial and sustained recognition for their technology solutions, and are fully committed and fully equipped to deliver sustainable business growth with Acquia-powered solutions. Four partners have already joined the program at the Platinum level.
  • Diamond Partners: Diamond partners are global leaders in delivering successful technology solutions and have made significant marketing and sales investments with Acquia in their target markets. Diamond partners are committed and equipped to a long term strategic alliance with Acquia that includes substantial and strategic marketing and sales activities on a global basis. Access to this level is by invitation only.

"The Acquia Network and Acquia Drupal are key parts of making the Drupal CMS an ideal choice for enterprises," said Robert Scales, CEO and founder, Raincity Studios. "Using Acquia's support packages, customers can concentrate on publishing great content for their audiences rather than technical upkeep. We look forward to actively working with the top-notch Acquia team in the same spirit of cooperation and collaboration evidenced in other Drupal community projects."

Acquia Partner Program Resources
The resources provided by the Acquia Partner program are designed to maximize success and reduce risk for partners and their clients. The resources help partners to better leverage the Acquia product and service portfolio, develop new business opportunities, and increase their brand awareness.

Key resources available through the Acquia Partner program include:

  • Acquia Partner Network: This online portal within provides a client-facing partner directory and a private community site forum where Acquia partners can access essential materials and interact with Acquia.
  • Software and Services: Partners receive comprehensive access to Acquia Drupal software and receive priority admittance to pre-release testing programs for new products and services. Partners also receive complimentary subscriptions to the Acquia Network to ensure constant access to technical assistance, software update notifications, and other network services.
  • Lead Referral Program: When Acquia receives an inquiry or lead for services that fall outside the scope of Acquia Network subscriptions, Acquia uses an automated and trackable process for distributing lead referrals directly to the program member most likely to deliver client success. Acquia provides a similar mechanism for receiving, tracking, and paying commissions on lead referrals from partners who source opportunities for Acquia Network subscription sales.
  • Sales Support: Acquia trains partners in best practices for differentiating and positioning Acquia products and services within the context of client solutions and provides access to Acquia-prepared sales materials and briefings.
  • Marketing Materials: Acquia provides a host of resources to assist partners with marketing Acquia products and services in the context of client solutions, including assets and guideline for using the Acquia brand identity and a library of customizable marketing materials. Acquia also invites partners to participate in joint marketing activities such as events, press releases, podcasts, and email campaigns.
  • Commissions: Acquia provides set commissions on Acquia Network subscription revenue from customers who are referred to Acquia by partner program members.

The program adjusts the resources available based on the type and level of the partnership. For a complete breakdown of resources and to apply only, please visit:

About Acquia
Acquia is a ground-breaking open source software company providing value-added products and services for the wildly popular Drupal social publishing system. The people of Acquia believe open source development and social publishing technology have the power to connect people and unleash their collective creative potential. Company founders are Dries Buytaert, original Drupal creator and project lead, and Jay Batson, previously founding CEO of open source VOIP software company, Pingtel. Please visit:

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The Drupal social publishing system has been downloaded over 2 million times since its inception, and project growth has doubled annually for several years. Drupal is used to deliver a wide variety of application types including single or multi-user blogs, wikis, community networks, digital media portals, and content management systems.

Assisted by a thriving ecosystem of consultants and developers, a diverse list of organizations are using Drupal including SonyBMG, Warner Brothers Records, New York Observer, Forbes, The Onion, Harvard University, and Amnesty International. A huge community has grown up around Drupal, with thousands of active contributors to the open source technology, including nearly 2000 community-developed modules for extending Drupal functionality. For more information, please visit: