Acquia Drupal and Acquia Network Subscriptions Now Available

New software bundle, tech support, and network services help developers assemble and operate Web 2.0 sites with confidence on the open source Drupal social publishing system

ANDOVER, MA – September 30, 2008 – Acquia today announced the immediate availability of Acquia Drupal, a completely free and commercially supported distribution of the popular Drupal open source social publishing system, and the Acquia Network, which offers subscription-based access to technical support and remote network services that simplify and streamline the development and operation of Drupal Web sites. Acquia also announced that entry level subscriptions to the Acquia Network will be free of charge through the end of the year.

"Drupal is a powerful tool for social publishing. With Acquia's distribution, my development firm, Trellon, was able to build over 90 percent of the functionality I need on my Mashup Developer Community site in less than two weeks," said Chris Warner, Vice President of Marketing at JackBe. "From a business perspective, Acquia gives me the confidence to choose Drupal for my developer community Web site because I know Acquia is there to support me when I need assistance. And now that my site is live, the Acquia Network simplifies the ongoing maintenance of my community site to ensure that it's up-to-date, operational, and protected against spam abuse."

Hundreds of thousands of organizations and individuals use Drupal and thousands of add-on modules to successfully power their online communities, blogs, and collaboration environments. However, it can be a constant struggle to find the most useful and relevant modules, keep systems secure and up to date, and find on-demand expertise and support to quickly resolve issues. By reducing or eliminating these problems, Acquia improves the effectiveness of organizations already using Drupal and brings the power of Drupal within reach of more organizations who are exploring Drupal for the first time.

"I am consistently blown away by the way Drupal community members passionately innovate, cooperate, and contribute value in their own way for the benefit of all,” said Dries Buytaert, Acquia co-founder and Drupal creator and project lead. “Consistent with that pattern, today Acquia is stepping up as a community member to collaborate in Drupal code development, increase the industry profile for Drupal, and introduce convenient packaging, support, and remote network services that will make Drupal even easier to adopt and use.”

Acquia Drupal is a commercially supported distribution of the open source Drupal social publishing system. A packaged collection of some of the best software from the Drupal project, Acquia Drupal offers an advanced starting point to quickly begin building social publishing Web sites that blend static pages, blogs, wikis, discussion forums, mashups, and custom content types. Acquia Drupal is offered as a free download and all software included in the distribution is licensed under the GNU Public License and contributed back to the Drupal open source project. As a free, but fully-featured and fully-supported alternative to costly proprietary web content management systems and social software suites, Acquia Drupal offers tremendous value to organizations large and small.

The Acquia Network completes the Drupal experience by providing the essential support and remote network services to efficiently operate sites with Acquia Drupal sites. All subscribers to the Acquia Network gain access to the Acquia Network’s subscriber forums, remote network services such as software update notifications, uptime monitoring, Mollom spam blocking, and Acquia Drupal documentation. Premium subscriptions provide Web-based ticket management, as well as email and telephone support. The Acquia Network functions as an operations portal for managing Acquia Drupal sites and connecting to Acquia support channels.

"We recently migrated the developer community site from Drupal 5 to Acquia Drupal and connected to the Acquia Network for ongoing update notifications, monitoring, and support," said Mike Potter, senior developer marketing manager at Adobe. "Having access to the Acquia Technical Assistance Center helped us quickly get answers to the questions and issues we had along the way. As our site continues to grow in tandem with expanding interest in the open source Flex technology, it's great knowing that Acquia will be there for us."

"Leading open source collaboration and content management products are demonstrating that it is possible for enterprises to safely deploy popular Web 2.0 capabilities for use within their intranets or on their public Web sites, for costs that are often lower than traditional enterprise vendor offerings,” said Larry Cannell, analyst, The Burton Group. “Commercial-grade support options are emerging that should make IT organizations comfortable providing these community-driven solutions.”

Support Details, Pricing, and Availability

Acquia Drupal is offered as a free download and all software included in the distribution is licensed under the GNU Public License and contributed back to the Drupal open source project. To download Acquia Drupal, visit

Acquia Network subscriptions are priced affordably for sites of every size, from global-scale multi-site deployments to small community sites and personal blogs. Annual subscriptions are offered on a per site basis in single server, small cluster, and large cluster configurations that vary in service level and available options. Through December 31, 2008, Acquia is offering annual single server Community level subscriptions free of charge (list price $200). The Community level subscription includes access to Acquia Network discussion forums and the full suite of remote network services. For the same period, Acquia is also offering introductory pricing on all other single server subscriptions for savings of up to 37 percent. To learn more or purchase a subscription to the Acquia Network, visit

For more information about Acquia Drupal and Acquia Network, please visit:

About Acquia

Acquia is a ground-breaking open source software company providing value-added products and services for the wildly popular Drupal social publishing system. The people of Acquia believe open source development and social publishing technology have the power to connect people and unleash their collective creative potential. Company founders are Dries Buytaert, original Drupal creator and project lead, and Jay Batson, previously founding CEO of open source VOIP software company, Pingtel. Please visit

About Drupal

The Drupal social publishing system has been downloaded over 2 million times since its inception, and project growth has doubled annually for several years. Drupal is used to deliver a wide variety of application types including single or multi-user blogs, wikis, community networks, digital media portals, and content management systems.

Assisted by a thriving ecosystem of consultants and developers, a diverse list of organizations are using Drupal including SonyBMG, Warner Brothers Records, New York Observer, Forbes, The Onion, Harvard University, and Amnesty International. A huge community has grown up around Drupal, with thousands of active contributors to the open source technology, including nearly 2000 community-developed modules for extending Drupal functionality. For more information, please visit

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