Migrating from Marketo to Acquia Campaign Studio Part 2: Lead Scoring and Intuitive Functionality

See how we built out an automated lead scoring process in Acquia Campaign Studio and moved off Marketo.

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We’ve been covering why Acquia recently chose to migrate off Marketo and onto Acquia Campaign Studio. Previously, we looked at how our marketing team was able to consolidate and simplify the form experience in Campaign Studio. Now, we’ll cover how we built out an automated lead scoring process in Campaign Studio and why we’re excited to grow Campaign Studio’s features and functionality within our larger digital experience ecosystem. 

An Integration So Simple, A Marketer Can Do It 

As a well-known legacy marketing automation tool, Marketo has amassed many industry specialists who have dedicated their time to becoming Marketo experts. At the start of the migration, we worried that it would be challenging to recreate entities in our CRM compared to Marketo, which has defined processes to push information between their system and other enterprise technologies like Salesforce.

The extensive terminology and processes within the Marketo ecosystem means many organizations are forced to hire consultants or enlist extra IT resources to successfully set up Marketo or integrate it with less popular tools. However, Acquia Campaign Studio was built for anyone to understand. Campaign Studio features a very visual layout and intuitive workflow that felt user friendly and didn’t require our marketing team to have any prior history or training with the product before diving in.

Innovation Without Limits 

Acquia’s team wanted to treat this Marketo to Campaign Studio migration not as a one-to-one transfer of features and functions between platforms, but as an opportunity to transform and improve our marketing potential within Campaign Studio. We built many of the functionalities, such as segment creation and lead scoring, from scratch within Campaign Studio so we could incorporate custom fields, tracking methods and automation capabilities to trigger emails which were not previously available to us in Marketo.

Campaign Studio’s open architecture provided greater data flexibility and freedom for our team to push and pull different sources of customer data between systems and adjust how each lead is brought in and scored. Once we designated the custom fields for each of our simplified forms in Campaign Studio, we were able to automatically run a tracking script that would instantly assign a certain score to each user action on our website, whether that is registering for an event or viewing a webinar.

Our web team created a cookie that collects data within Campaign Studio and could be used to connect with both existing plug-ins as well as the new integrations we built like Zoom, BrightTalk or Salesforce. This cookie automatically reads the UTMs associated with each campaign and matches each user to their source. From there, users would receive a corresponding offer such as a confirmation email or an upcoming event reminder. 

The intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone on the team to get onboarded and start creating in Campaign Studio in much less time than with Marketo. While it may seem to offer less functionality out-of-the-box versus Marketo, Acquia Campaign Studio is actually a much more valuable long-term investment for businesses. They get a lower subscription fee, a much less time-consuming and intensive installation process and the potential for continued innovation beyond a defined set of “Marketo-friendly” technologies. Acquia Campaign Studio’s open API means unlimited API calls and integration with any third-party or homegrown tech systems. Overall, we see the migration to Campaign Studio as an ongoing journey, and we plan to keep building new features and capabilities onto the platform as our own needs evolve. 


Thanks for following us as we outline our Acquia Campaign Studio migration process. In our next post, we’ll be looking more at the tracking, analytics and reporting features we’ve created within Campaign Studio. 

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