New Release of Acquia Site Studio for Streamlined Web Development

Acquia just unveiled a new release of Acquia Site Studio. See how the new capabilities speed up development timelines and improve Drupal usability.

Acquia Cohesion 6.0

As some of you know, Acquia acquired Cohesion (now called Acquia Site Studio) 8 months ago. In case you are not familiar, Acquia Site Studio is an intuitive, low-code solution for building and editing Drupal sites. It helps developers speed up development timelines and improves the ease of use of Drupal for designers and content authors. So far, the feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

In light of everything that's happening with the world and the economy recently, more and more companies are relying on their online channels to connect with their core audiences. Our goal is to support them as much as possible during this difficult time. 

Acquia just rolled out a new release of Site Studio with some important new capabilities:

  • Style Guide Manager Preview - In an effort to improve the design experience, we launched a real-time preview for the Style Guide Manager:

  • Compatibility - To help customers who manage multiple sites, Acquia Site Studio and Acquia Site Factory now work together. This compatibility enhancement helps developers scale their efforts to unify the deployment of multiple sites, while easily maintaining brand consistency and styles across them.
  • Scalability - When Acquia purchased Site Studio, they had only a dozen customers. As we roll out Site Studio to many of our customers, it needs to scale to many thousands of sites. With the release of Site Studio 6.0, we are ready to roll out Site Studio to our customers.

Check it out by downloading a free Acquia Site Studio sandbox!

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