Acquia Culture in Action, February 2020

Whether we're supporting Australian relief, planning 2020 success or taking part in workplace wellness programs, Acquians are #StrongerTogether.

Acquia marketing sales kickoff

The greatest workplace cultures come from sharing unique perspectives and encouraging people to explore new things and achieve joint goals. Acquia is celebrating the power of collaboration and teamwork by looking at all the different ways we’ve come together over the past month. From community efforts to give back to a good cause, international team-building events and lots of opportunities to grow our success, it’s clear that at Acquia we are #StrongerTogether. 

#GiveBackMore to Australia Relief 

In times of crisis, people rely on each other more than ever. In recent months, the world has been offering support to Australia, after the region was devastated by one of the worst wildfire seasons on record. It’s been reported that over 27 million acres of land were burned, thousands of homes have been destroyed and more than 1 billion animals have lost their lives. As the work to stop the fires is still ongoing, efforts to help those impacted by this terrible natural disaster are pouring in from around the globe. 

Acquians are contributing to Australia’s relief efforts through our internal employee recognition tool, which allows coworkers to reward each other with points that can then be converted into money and gift cards. Through this program, we collected donations for the Australian Red Cross, The Nature Conservancy and The World Wildlife Fund. We believe everyone can play a part in the recovery and want to support those affected by the tragedy in any way we can. 

#Teamwork Across the Globe 

Acquia recently held our annual Global Marketing and Sales Kickoff in Boston, where team members crossed coasts and continents to come together and map out a vision for Acquia’s future, celebrate our success in 2019 and “level up” our goals for 2020 and beyond. From customer success stories, an executive Q&A panel and many insightful presentations from leaders across the organization, everyone walked away excited for what’s next in Acquia’s journey and feeling proud of all we have accomplished so far. 

Acquia marketing sales kickoff

The event was moderated by former economist and TV host, Mark Jeffries, who energized the crowd through expert tips for meaningful conversation. Attendees also bonded with fellow Acquians from across many of our international offices and participated in a Bingo fundraiser to further support the Australian relief initiative. One of the most memorable moments amidst the jam-packed days of learnings was our Day 1 keynote speaker: Mike Massimino, a former NASA astronaut and New York Times bestselling author who completed two critical missions to service the Hubble Space Telescope. Mike wowed crowds with his tales of how determination and teamwork led him to accomplish his lifelong dream of exploring space.  

#InspireALittleCrazy: Employee Spotlight 

This month, our employee spotlight is shining on Maggie Schroeder, who led a Meetup event on “Demystifying DXP” to help people understand what a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) actually is and the growing customer demand for better digitally driven customer experiences. Maggie’s session explored the recent shift in the market from traditional web-based content management to fully fledged digital ecosystems and broke down the key components for success. 

Boston DXPT

As one of Acquia’s Product Marketing Managers, Maggie is passionate about helping market innovative solutions to customers and helping tech professionals create impactful progress in their organizations. When she’s not traveling the world to tell people about the wonders of all things Acquia Cloud, Maggie can often be found indoor rock climbing or teaching yoga classes around Boston. 

#CommittedToAwesome Employee Wellness

Finding balance at work means taking the time to stay healthy and care for yourself. Sometimes, finding balance also means trying out some fun yoga poses! This month, Acquians in our Pune, India office held their 5th Wellness Session. This in-office yoga class was a great chance for Acquians to learn some relaxing breathing activities and add some exercise to their day!

acquia india wellness day

I’m so proud of all the ways Acquians are connecting with each other and enriching our collaborative global community. Check back next month to see even more ways we’re caring for our teams and our community. 

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