Migrating to Drupal 8? Acquia Site Studio is Your Secret Weapon

Need to migrate to Drupal? Learn how Acquia Site Studio is the secret weapon your developers need to make the migration easier and faster than ever.


Migrating to Drupal 8 can feel like an enormous task for any organization, even those with skilled developers and leaders who understand technology. At Acquia, we understand the time and resources required to upgrade will change your day-to-day operations and limit your ability to focus on revenue-driving tasks. 

However, the time has come where companies need to make the switch and there are clear benefits for adopting Drupal 8 (see Migrating to Drupal 8: It’s Time for details). It’s a matter of when, not if, you’ll have a new CMS in the near future.  

If you’ve participated in a Drupal upgrade in the past, you may have preconceived notions of the best way to make it happen. You may be apprehensive about what your “new normal” will look like. You may have pressure from executives about how quickly you’ll be “back to normal,” the financial investment needed to make it happen, and the next time you’ll need to upgrade. Acquia Site Studio is a secret weapon to address the executive requests and make your transition to Drupal 8 as easy as possible. 

What is Acquia Site Studio?

Acquia Site Studio is a low-code solution that makes designing, building and updating Drupal experiences faster and more impactful. The solution empowers marketing teams and refocuses IT teams to move faster and drive innovation. The net result of projects with Site Studio vs. Drupal alone are at least 30% faster, sometimes much more.

How, specifically, can it help?

  • Better delivery - Drupal’s modular approach and structured content is the gold standard for CMS platforms. This translates into lower cost of ownership and faster time to market. Acquia Site Studio takes those core benefits and amplifies them by creating reusable, visual components and templates, better tools for styling, previewing updates, and more. For example, a global medical device company relaunched their main website in 31 business days.
  • Better collaboration - Through a reimagined user interface, designers and marketers can play a more active role in your migration and the site creation process. This collaboration and empowerment lasts long after the migration since iterations to your website are now quick and easy.
  • Better adoption - Acquia Site Studio is Acquia’s next-generation site building and content authoring experience for Drupal 8. Acquia Site Studio has a beautiful user experience, created by designers, that every marketer loves. The visual components and ease of use will help drive broad adoption of Drupal outside the core IT teams. 
  • Easier upgrades - Once Site Studio is helping power your D8 experience, it also makes migration to Drupal 9 (and beyond) even easier. Why? Because Site Studio automatically compiles the code required to render your website. When changes are required, they are done automatically without any input from your technical team. Acquia has also introduced some other tools to help accelerate other aspects of your migration, such as module compatibility. 
  • Better resource allocation - By creating your new site with Site Studio, you will see at least a 30% increase in velocity, allowing you to reallocate resources to projects that are driving revenue for your firm. For marketers, this means more time spent on direct customer engagement and personalizing content. For IT, this means more time spent on creating an integrated customer experience or building custom apps for your customers. What would your team do with the 30% time saved on the build?

Acquia Site Studio is your secret weapon to recognize all of the benefits noted above. It will enable the business results your executives are looking for and you’ll deliver more value from your Drupal instance(s) than ever before.

The Acquia account team and technical architects are here to help. Please visit this link to test the product or contact [email protected] to set up a demo. 

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