Acquia Lightning in Action: Mindtree

Mindtree chose Aqcuia for the replatforming of, and Acquia Lightning got the site up and running on Drupal 8 in record time.

Acquia Lightning in Action: Mindtree

This is the first blog post in a series that looks at customer success stories with Acquia Lightning, an open source Drupal distribution used to get up and running quickly on Drupal 8 and enable great enterprise authoring experiences.

Web developers and site builders today need to build scalable, flexible websites and new digital experiences quickly and efficiently. To help expedite Drupal builds, distributions are designed to help by including a preselected collection of modules, themes, libraries and out-of-the-box configuration.  

Acquia Lightning, an open source Drupal distribution, is a starting point for developers. Lightning is a great place to start a new Drupal 8 project. It takes the guesswork out of module selection in several areas and it empowers developers and site builders to rapidly create sites and applications. Lightning contains components that address requirements for APIs, workflow, media, layout and much more.

Mindtree offers technology solutions across a broad range of industries. Its services include operations, IT consulting, engineering R&D, enterprise software, and digital marketing. Mindtree enables Global 2000 clients to outperform the competition. For a company whose reputation is based on its digital expertise, it absolutely needed a website that reflected that expertise, along with a digital platform that supported innovation for the long term.

Mindtree was exploring a redesign and replatform of its self-hosted Drupal 7 website … complete with 10 unique page templates, 1800-plus pages, and 700-plus blogs posts. When Mindtree approached Bluetext, a leading digital marketing agency and an Acquia partner, about the project, it had a tight timeline of six months to redesign, develop and migrate content for the new website.

Mindtree’s brand is built on the idea that the company is “born digital,” but its own digital platform lacked the innovation and sophistication to support this claim.

Along with messaging and branding challenges, prospective and existing customers were presented with a dated user experience and unintuitive navigation system when they arrived at To make matters worse, its mobile experience left much to be desired.

Behind-the-scenes, simple text changes required involvement from their development team. Much of the content on the site was manually curated. With thousands of pages, there was no way for Mindtree to keep its content up-to date or even keep track of it all.  

The Acquia Platform became the choice destination for Mindtree was able to get up and running on Drupal 8 quickly through the use of Acquia Lightning and developer tools like Acquia's Build and Launch Tools (BLT). The development workflow was a major element of the project’s success.

Acquia Lightning saved Mindtree’s team days, if not weeks in the initial site setup. The development phase went smoothly and allowed for any issues to be patched up front. One of the benefits of Mindtree's use of Lightning was access to the Drupal community for support, including great partners like Bluetext. 

The project resulted in a truly transformed web experience that took just over six months to complete.

The Mindtree website can now provide a visually appealing experience to its customers; one that allows each visitor to easily understand what Mindtree does and how it can help organizations.

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