Hero Digital Talks Data-Driven Experiences, Sans Silos

Hero Digital’s Carl Agers provides tips on creating personalized experiences based on data; embrace the non-linear customer journey and break down tec

Hero Digital Talks Data-Driven Experiences, Sans Silos

Customer experience agency Hero Digital crafts iconic experiences, builds customer loyalty and delivers results for its clients. And at Acquia Engage, Carl Agers, the company’s senior vice president of marketing services, shared his insights on creating personalized experiences based on data, and the importance of breaking down silos to make it happen.

As a company that regularly engages in customer research, Hero Digital constantly communicates with its customers’ customers to find out what they’re thinking – and a common theme has risen to the top.

“As much as we are, on the one hand, afraid of giving up our data, as consumers, as human beings, we really appreciate when our experience is tailored to us,” Agers said.

As marketers, Agers said, we have a lot of data – but we still don’t really know that much about our customers, leaving us unable to deliver a completely cohesive experience beyond one or two touch points. That means that we may be able to optimize an eDaansaction-based to an experience-focused role that is service based.

“For a lot of brands, it still seems to be about the offer,” Agers said.

But he warned that savvy marketers need to make the transition.

Hero Digital Talks Data-Driven Experiences, Sans Silos

“Offers are very expensive. CFOs hate offers, and customers don’t really like them that much either – I mean, we all want to save money, but we’re much more interested in paying for the thing that actually matters and fits us best, and those kinds of things are rarely in the offers,” he said.

Agers said offers are a broken experience.

“They do a great job of convincing us to click, then shepherd us into a landing page; I come back later to follow up on it, and it’s a completely different experience,” he said.

To create truly dynamic experiences for our customers, Agers said, we have to work together to break down all of the silos in our organizations – both technological and organizational.

“When we look at our clients, we don’t just have a technology challenge, we have an organizational dynamics challenge,” Agers said. “Often, that completely kills everything else that we might be thinking about.”

In essence, he said, we need to find ways to cross over and understand how we impact one another, even if it’s by doing something like creating service design blueprints, which look at the overall experience then literally map out who is responsible for delivering a particular touchpoint within the journey, so we can find ways to bring them together.

Hero Digital Talks Data-Driven Experiences, Sans Silos

The Human Side of Data

As you’re developing your data-driven strategy, don’t forget that human beings are behind every data point. Agers suggests that by adapting your mindset and your processes to fit the non-linear customer journey, you’ll be better prepared to view the breadcrumbs of data you gather as pieces of a greater whole.

And embrace your shifting role from offers-focused to services-focused, and your position in breaking down data and organizational silos. By welcoming these changes, you’ll be positioning yourself and your customers for continued growth and success.  

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