Top UK Influencers Share Insights on Customer Experience

U.K. influencers discuss customer experience ahead of Twitter chat around CX.

Gartner Report: Use Personalization to Enrich Customer Experience and Drive Revenue

Customer experience has always been a top priority, regardless of industry, but the rise of digital has taken CX to a whole new level. Customers can now interact with organisations across a multitude of touchpoints and each one has to be inviting, engagement and/or informative.

We asked the U.K.’s top digital influencers about what organisations can do to edge out their competitors when it comes to customer experience, how to deliver a connected experience and what impacts GDPR has had on personalisation initiatives around CX.

How should brands deliver a connected digital customer experience?


Customer experience thought leader


“You must adopt a cloud-based platform approach. Why? Because you need to let your vendor worry about the IT and integration so you can focus on innovation in the customer experience. If your resources (people and budget) are tied up in on-premises software and chasing integration across channels, then your hands are tied and you’re toast!”


No. 1 social influencer for cloud and sales director at Natterbox


“Businesses are increasingly looking for tools to integrate omnichannel and at Natterbox we have found our full integration with Salesforce. Customers now expect omnichannel and their selection of channel may be based on their location, the time of day, their persona (millennial over older person who may prefer traditional communications), etc.  Therefore you need to offer a wider channel of communication to the client wherever possible, but only as long as you can do it well.

“Too many firms spread themselves thin offering every channel from phone to webforms, livechat to Facebook, to Snapchat to Twitter.  If you open a channel make sure you can service it well!  And don’t forget the phone as when anything on any medium fails as this tends to be the default customers defer to. In the digital connection, the phone has mostly been left behind in strategies and needs to be dragged quickly into the customer age. “


Director of Frontier Technology


“Delivering a connected digital experience for customers can be difficult, depending on where you are on your own firm’s digital transformation. Demonstrating a digital experience for customers is easier than keeping a connected, engaged experience. Engagement is key and providing relevant, interesting and sometimes funny digital content that consumers enjoy will keep your clients engaged. Keep the consumers engaged with your firm and they will ask the right questions to be followed up with more engagement and potential service/product provision. ”

Top UK Influencers Share Insights on Customer Experience

How can we measure the success of the connected customer experience?

Daryn: “To measure success, it’s all about attribution and conversion. You need a connected platform so your analytics are consistent and a ‘single source of truth.’ You should monitor behaviours (e.g. engagement and CTR) as well as outcomes (purchasing, abandonment, etc.) Furthermore, you should hook up your analytics to A/B testing or multivariate testing services to dynamically optimise the customer experience.”

Ian: “Often it is difficult to granularly track to a specific, but through general business cadence of KPIs around. Retention, churn, NPS and data insights you can track changes of the customers interactions with you. For example, Natterbox allows you to fully track all telephony metrics inside your CRM, so you can for example detect how many callers hang up, how many get bounced around and how many times, length of time until getting to the right person etc, how many times an IVR flow triggers, how many calls you get for X help out of hours etc.”

Neil: “There are many ways to measure the success of an online customer experience. However, a good start is via a myriad of social media tools. Your clients and future clients utilise social media everyday for many reasons, shouldn’t you? ”

Post GDPR, how should brands continue to deliver a highly personalised CX? 

Daryn: “I would suggest two approaches. Firstly, your personalised marketing should be permission-based (i.e. explicitly opted-in), otherwise it’s not much better than stalking!

“Secondly, in order to snag your customers’ interest, or just their curiosity, double down on content marketing and influencer marketing to give them real utility value. Once trust is built then customers will opt-in to stay connected and never miss your great content.”

Ian: “Offering a personalised CX is an incentive for customers to opt in and aid your GDPR compliance whilst retaining their information. For example, using Natterbox, we give a customer the excuse to offer a client a dynamic, personalised and shortened phone journey if you let us store your details.

“ ‘Mr Smith if you will allow me to add this mobile of yours to our system, next time you call we can detect it’s you and shorten your time to get through to an agent, is that okay?’ which customer is going to blank that value to them?”

Neil: “GDPR has been long overdue for the end consumer community. Many elements of the regulation are for the consumers benefit with data protection and securitisation. Receiving personalisation for consumers should not be degraded, only enhanced with the knowledge that their personal details are more secure. However, a more “pull” marketing approach is needed which relies on the strength of a brands message as well as to use case. A true omnichannel approach is becoming the normal as well as online digital assistants that capture your overall experience. “

Want to discuss customer experience a bit more ? Join us for a Twitter chat on 19 September at 3 p.m. GMT. We’ll be using the hashtag #AcquiaCX.

And if you’re in the London area, we’re hosting a meet-up together with our partner Cohaesus. Join us as we explore customer experience challenges and successes, particularly around how marketing and IT work together.

The meet-up will take place 20 September from 4-7 p.m. at the private members’ Eight Club Bank.

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