Checking in with Lift on the new

Using our own products, such as our Acquia Lift personalization engine, to market to visitors is a key component of our new Drupal 8 website.

Checking in with Lift on the new

When the digital marketing team took on the website redesign of, one thing was clear: we had to “drink our own champagne.” Using our own products on our own site was a key component of our newly launched Drupal 8 website. Acquia Lift, our personalization engine, had previously been implemented on our Drupal 7 site, but there were limitations.

The Reboot of Lift on

Per our own internal Lift experts, it was best to start small with the new website; crawl, walk, run. Of course we wanted wanted to do as much as we could as fast as we could, but keeping it simple to start as we migrated our content was the best course of action.

We planned to add Lift on the homepage and then added it to three more sections where it made sense, but kept the backend uniform.

The first task we used Lift for was to help us build profiles of our visitors. These profiles helped us streamline our efforts and operate more efficiently; now we knew who we were targeting and what content to show them.

Checking in with Lift on the new

The next challenge we needed to tackle was how do we personalize for different users from different industries?

Looking at how Lift works on our homepage, as soon as a visitor lands on our site, they are served up the most prominent case studies based on each visitor’s industry.

For example, visitors from consumer goods and retail see our Wilson Sporting Goods case study and those from hi-tech see AMD.

The Future of Lift and

When visitors move into the resources and blog aggregate sections, we will deliver content based on which persona they represent or which products they showed interest in. 

Based on visitor interest, we chose to display content for Drupal, Cloud and Lift. However, the these sections on the blog aggregate page are dynamic, so if a visitor who previously looked at Cloud starts to dig in on say, Acquia DAM, these  can shift. Working with our developers and the product team, we have made personalized blocks into interchangeable slots to make it very easy to implement personalizations.

The next consideration was content; you can’t personalize anything without it. Lift helps us dig into what is resonating via what our visitors are clicking on and viewing.

Right now, we’re seeing that all the personalized content is performing better than non-personalized content. The engagement with personalized content has increased from 4 percent to 6 to 10 percent.

The Future of Lift and

As we move into the second stage of our redesign, we’re looking to identify what stage of the funnel visitors are at, if they’ve reached the consideration stage, and if they have spoken to sales.

This information will allow for even better personalization. We have content for each of these stages and we can surface the right content to the user when they’re on the site. In future releases of Lift, machine learning is being integrated, which will allow us to go into the content inventory, see what is performing and best and automatically serve up content.

Last fall -- well timed with the launch of the new -- Acquia launched Acquia Journey, a customer journey orchestration tool. We are working to implement Acquia Journey to work in tandem with Lift to understand the customer journey from start to finish and deliver the right content at the right time.

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