Zero to Drupal in 60 Days with Acquia Lightning

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Zero to Drupal in 60 Days with Acquia Lightning

To build great sites and digital experiences, you need easy-to-use tools for rapid development, simple page building, drag-and-drop widgets for rich media and content, and an intuitive way to review, approve, and publish quickly.

Acquia Lightning, a Drupal 8 open source distribution from the Drupal experts at Acquia, is the content management foundation that provides these capabilities and more to developers and experience teams in thousands of organizations worldwide.

Watch this webinar, led by Drupal project lead and Acquia CTO Dries Buytaert and Jeff Beeman, Acquia Lightning product manager, to discover why Lightning is the best content management foundation for developers and next-generation experience builders.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why Acquia Lightning is the best starting point for your Drupal projects
  • How developers are reducing development time by 30 percent while creating better, more usable sites
  • How experience builders can create page layouts, embed rich media, and create, approve, and publish content easily to engage with audiences faster
  • Why Lightning, on Acquia Cloud, is the secret to building better, faster, and delivering more engaging sites

Watch this webinar on using Acquia Lightning to create Drupal sites faster.

Watch this webinar on using Acquia Lightning for Drupal 8

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Jeff Beeman, technical director, Acquia Professional Services

Jeff Beeman

Senior Director, Technical Services