Terrible Advice for Excellent Marketers | Behavioural Science for CX

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So much of what we’re taught about in marketing, CX and related fields makes complete sense, provided our customers are perfectly rational human beings. Unfortunately, that's rarely the case.

In this presentation, Dan Monheit uses core concepts from behavioural science to explain how following logical, well-intentioned advice, can lead to catastrophic outcomes for brands. For each, he brings to life the foundational research, real-world examples and actionable key takeaways to achieve even better results for your customers and brand.

Dan debunks two key areas of behavioural science in this on-demand webinar:

  • The “Give people more choice" Notion (Choice Paradox says we're easily overwhelmed by choice and that rather fewer but better options drive more conversions)
  • The “Create outstanding end-to-end experiences" Notion (Peak End Rule says we remember by peaks and endings, and and not the average of how we felt which means peak moments are critical).

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