Take a Hyper-Personalized Approach to Commerce: Unify Data, Content and Digital Merchandising

Since the start of the pandemic, over 75% of U.S. consumers have changed shopping behaviors and switched to new brands, per McKinsey. Keeping customers loyal in this environment requires a hyper-customized approach to their shopping needs. But to deliver personalized, shoppable, content-driven ecommerce experiences, you need intelligent, agile solutions that can provide a deep, holistic understanding of both new and existing customers. The end result? Better conversion rates and improved customer lifetime value. 

Join experts from Acquia and commercetools for an informative look at what it takes to solve today’s pressing ecommerce and data challenges. You’ll find out:

  • How to drive real-time personalized commerce experiences using zero-party, behavioral, product, transactional, financial and operational insights
  • What a unified data layer is and why it is the critical cog in uniting content, commerce and digital merchandising
  • Which tools and solutions should be part of your tech stack and where to start your solution-focused research