Supercharged Drupal 8 Development Using the PhpStorm IDE

In this webinar we’ll show how PhpStorm can help Drupal 8 Developers become more productive, writing reliable and readable code more quickly than ever before. Learn how developing with PhpStorm’s powerful Drupal support and open source collaboration tools can significantly ease development and code review by conforming to Drupal’s Coding Standards and leveraging on-the-fly code analysis.

The Acquia Dev Desktop 2 environment will be used for running the Drupal instance, so Drupal-related PhpStorm configuration will be also covered, and we’ll show how debugging and deployment can be performed right in the IDE.

During the webinar attendees will learn:

  • How to configure PhpStorm to efficiently work with Drupal projects and Dev Desktop
  • Some basic and advanced IDE actions (code editing and analysis, code formatting and styles, Debugging, Deployment, and working with VCS)
  • Drupal-specific features of the IDE (Drupal-specific code editing, navigation and documentation features; using Coder with PHP Code Sniffer integration; and using Drush as an external tool)

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