Stories from the Field: Drupal as a Hybrid CMS

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As organizations consider headless CMS and decoupled applications, how does Drupal fit in? Actually, the API-first CMS is the backbone of many innovative hybrid approaches. Drupal was designed at it’s core for flexibility and continues to develop to support hybrid approaches.

Watch Dries Buytaert, founder of Drupal and Co-founder/CTO of Acquia, Tim Lehnen, CTO of the Drupal Association, and Ron Northcutt, Director of Developer Advocacy at Acquia, as they discuss the uses cases for headless and decoupled approaches, and share real examples of organizations with successful hybrid, headless and decoupled approaches.

We covered:

  • The state of headless in the Drupal space
  • The starter kits available for a decoupled experience
  • How to leverage Drupal for your headless and decoupled digital experiences

Featured Speakers

Dries Buytaert Headshot

Dries Buytaert

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Strategy Officer


Tim Lehnen

Tim Lehnen

Chief Technology Officer

Drupal Association