Owning the Lifecycle of a Drupal Digital Project

Drupal solutions are intricate. Web technology is growing exponentially more powerful and, conversely, more complicated. Every end user’s interaction happens via Digital Media: be it a website, mobile application, Digital Sign, Smart device, Amazon Echo, Siri or Google Home. This is only part of the equation. Backend integrations with marketing automations, CRM systems and e-Commerce solutions make implementations even more complex. For many of us Drupal is the core to all of this.

To meet expectations, we can end up with very complex web technology implementations, which only become harder on both business and implementation teams as features and complexities increase. Missing critical aspects of such projects leads to huge technical debt. How do you ensure your Drupal application is sustainable and checks every one of your team’s boxes?

In this webinar, we will discuss: Lifecycle of a Drupal Digital Project

  • The What: 3 core pillars of a Digital Project (Architecture, Implementation, Maintenance)
  • The Why: We’ll discuss the importance of these pillars
  • The How: The process to build efficiently, securely and stable
  • The Who: The team matters the most
  • The When: Timing is equally important to reduce any technical debt or security risk

Watch the recorded webinar