Low-friction Continuous Delivery: Going From 0 to 1 with Drupal and Acquia

The value of automated testing and quality control to your code, site, and digital presence can be huge. A well-designed, build-and-test process reduces the stress and uncertainty of deployments and maintenance. New open source components and tools from Acquia can help.

By reducing friction in the deployment process, teams can move to releasing more often, which in turn:

  • Reduces the scope and therefore risk of each release;
  • Provides features to customers sooner;
  • Gets data and feedback on new features much sooner after they are developed

Releasing early and often is called Continuous Delivery. Most teams recognize the benefits of this approach, but find it hard to implement it in practice.

CI tools are many and varied, can be complex to set up, and introduce a maintenance and security burden. Acquia is working hard to simplify this process, and is introducing reliable managed and supported tools to the Acquia Platform to assist.

Learn how to quickly implement a continuous integration workflow for your Drupal application on Acquia Cloud. Easily build automated tests that execute each time that you make a change to your application. Deploy to production with the confidence that every release has gone through a streamlined testing process. Register for this Tech Talk to learn more!

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