It's a Look Podcast: Decoupled Drupal with Third & Grove

Fredia and Jena are the voices behind the It’s A Look Podcast. The It’s A Look podcast presents fresh and knowledgeable views on the people and places you may know but not know much about.

In Episode 15, Jena and Fredia sit down with Sam and Ron, Solutions Architects from Acquia, Tony, Founder of Third and Grove and Matt, Engineering Director at Third and Grove and talk about the practical applications of the single-driving backend of Drupal and the importance of making your CMS future-ready.


Anthony Severo, Founder and Chief Innovator and Strategy at Third and Grove

Matt Davis, Director Of Engineering at Third and Grove

Ron Northcutt, Principal Solutions Architect, Team Lead at Acquia

Sam Nagle, Senior Solutions Architect at Acquia