Improve Customer Experience With a 360-degree View of Product Content

What's Covered?

  • How to use a combined approach to digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) to create a 360-degree view of product content
  • How to efficiently distribute product content to the right channels and audiences
  • How maturity models can help you chart your path towards being a highly-effective content operation
Additional Info

Consumers feel most confident in their purchasing decisions when they have access to various types of product content — both emotionally-driven visual assets as well as objective information.

Delivering this kind of experience requires the right integrated tools.

In this webinar, Jake Athey, VP, Marketing and Sales at Acquia, discusses how businesses that are able to break down technology silos and create a 360-degree view of their product content will be best equipped to create experiences that empower their customers across websites, social media, digital ads, packaging, in-store displays and more.

Featured Speakers

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Jake Athey

Vice President, Marketing and Sales


Nathan Holmes

Nathan Holmes

Senior Marketing Manager

Widen, an Acquia company