Improve Code Quality and Time to Market: 100% Cloud-Based Development Workflow

Modern web development should be seamless. Unfortunately, assembling, testing, and deploying production level code on time and with confidence is a challenge that many organizations face.

Developers and IT leaders, join this webinar to learn how Acquia’s end-to-end web platform will enable you to get your applications to market faster, improve code quality, and reduce security risk.

With Acquia’s 100% cloud-based development tools optimized specifically for Drupal, building, testing, and deploying will all take place on our platform and your feet never need to touch the ground.

We covered:

  • How to manage the entire developer lifecycle from our platform
  • How to enable continuous testing and deployment
  • Why cloud based IDEs are the future of development
  • How to get started with a working app on day one
  • Which tools are available and how to get the most out of them

Featured Speakers

Ron Northcutt

Ron Northcutt

Director of Developer Advocacy Product Marketing Acquia

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