How Wilson Sporting Goods Is Changing the Game with Experiential Commerce

In today’s competitive online retail space, it is no longer just about shopping, it's about telling a great story to your target audience and connecting them to the brand in a way that matches customer expectations. Wilson® Sporting Goods was committed to providing a highly engaging experience known as “Experiential Commerce”, which replicates the shopping experience consumers expect from a brick-and-mortar store, where they leave with an emotional allegiance to the brand and product in their hands.

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To bring this to life, Wilson married the abilities of Drupal as a CMS and Magento as an eCommerce engine to deliver a robust shopping and brand experience in partnership with HS2 Solutions. This architecture supports Wilson.com and other brands (Louisville Slugger, ATEC, Demarini) globally today.

Join Wilson and HS2 as they discuss:

  • The strategy that led to a content-driven eCommerce solution, and how it came to life
  • How the unique fusion of Drupal and Magento created this first-of-its-kind shopping experience
  • How to approach content and commerce in an “experiential” way
  • How to create an online catalog purchase experience without needing support from development teams

Featured Speakers


Chuck Fishman

Former Director of Industry Marketing and Development, Acquia Inc.

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