Episode 2 | How Web Teams Can Respond to Changing Consumer Behaviours

What's Covered?

In an economic downturn, the environment changes quickly - as do the needs of your customers. This results in fickle customers who have a higher propensity to switch brands. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you can see, understand, and adapt to your customers needs quickly.

Additional Info

Your website is the fastest and cheapest thing to optimise to ensure you’re capturing all inbound interest and demand for your product or service.

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss:

  • Key data trends we’re likely to see in online behaviour over the next months, and what these may mean for your website team.
  • Tactical and practical strategies you can implement to ensure you're achieving a faster response to change, faster time to market, and insight driven customer focused web pages.
  • Why you should look at tools to optimise Dev time and create a more efficient process.

Featured Speakers

Tom Bianchi Headshot

Tom Bianchi

Senior Vice President, Product and Solutions Marketing