Episode 2: Define Customer Segments Using a Data-driven Approach

Personalization is a beast that requires involvement from every part of your organization in order to be profitable and worthwhile.

Above all else, the first step to crafting a dynamite personalization strategy starts with your data. Do you have the right people, technology, and processes in place to be a “data-driven” organization?

It is essential to aggregate data from all of your different technologies to provide a holistic picture of each prospect and customer, at every stage of their journey. But this is just the start.

In Episode Two of our five-part series, we will dive deeper into the steps needed for robust data-collection and interpretation, including:

  • The seven types of data marketers can look to collect and analyze
  • How to identify target personas and match them to your value proposition
  • How to align key messaging to personas and generate content interactions across every touchpoint (web, email, SMS, etc.)

Watch the recorded webinar