Drupal on Fire: Ember, JSON API, and Decoupled Drupal 8

The Ember community describes its flagship framework as an "SDK for the web." Why has Ember captured the imagination of so many front-end developers involved in building single-page applications? Ember is an opinionated JavaScript framework which values convention over configuration — that is, a common set of practices rather than explicit settings.

For this reason, Ember has significant advantages over other common JavaScript frameworks due to its large extent of standardization, including a codified directory structure for all applications (simplifying on-boarding) and a clear and interoperable approach to templating. Ember is a prime candidate to develop Drupal-backed JavaScript applications due to its reach, its coverage, and its ease of use.

Join Preston So in this webinar, as we explore:

  • The inner workings of Ember
  • Foundational concepts of Ember's ecosystem
  • How to decouple Drupal with an Ember front end
  • What the future could bring in terms of more Ember within Drupal

Featured Speakers

Preston So, Acquia

Preston So

Former Director of Research and Innovation OCTO Acquia

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