Drupal and Security: What You Need to Know

Security breaches are becoming more common in today’s world, from large vulnerable corporations being attacked to cyber attacks causing physical damage. With Drupal becoming increasingly more popular, it has become a perfect target for these automated attacks. Last year's SA-CORE-2014-005 vulnerability has demonstrated that hackers have learned how to take advantage of Drupal’s functionality to infect a site and remain unnoticed.

Site builders and maintainers have a large role to play in preventing these kinds of disasters. With a solid knowledge base of the most common security threats, developers can quickly identify those security issues and learn how to address them. In this webinar, learn about how to protect your Drupal site against security threats, with topics including:

  • How Drupal can protect against DDoS attacks
  • Configuration mistakes that make you vulnerable, and how to avoid them
  • Fast updates: the single most important security element
  • Security improvements in Drupal 8
  • Modules to enhance security and evaluating contributed module quality

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