The Digital Strategy Sessions | Episode 3: Operating Model

When you’re able to identify the amazing customer experience, you can determine how your business operates to meet or exceed these expectations. But without the right structure and plan in place, you risk deviating from your “North Star,” which we identified in Episode 1 and Episode 2.

To ensure customers are at the root of every business decision, closely examine your organization to determine potential bottlenecks. Being able to identify obstacles makes it easier to prevent or alleviate them down the line.

Join us to:

  • Ask questions about your digital strategy
  • Determine which organizational functions should be restructured, or removed, to better align with customer expectations
  • Learn common blockers to expect and how to address them
  • Understand why digital is a business enabler - not a separate entity

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Featured Speakers

Melanie Poitras

Melanie Poitras

Former Senior Director, Customer Experience & Analyst Relations Acquia

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