Deliver More Compelling Content and Personalized Experiences with Acquia DAM, PIM, and CDP

What's Covered?

  • Improving marketing impact
  • Optimizing content engagement
  • Elevating customer experience
Additional Info

Consumers are overloaded with content and choices. Acquia DAM, PIM, and CDP together aim to provide marketers the smart mix of tools to deliver the best experiences with the content, to the right audience, at the right time.

Take a live tour of the Acquia DAM, PIM and CDP together and get all your product questions answered -- without the pressure of a 1:1 sales call!

You'll learn how to improve marketing impact, optimize content engagement, and elevate your customer experience by working smarter with the content and channels you have.

See how Acquia DAM and PIM helps you:

  • Organize all product content in one central source
  • Publish up-to-date assets and information across channels
  • Automate manual processes with smart workflows
  • Monitor content and system usage with powerful analytics

See how Acquia CDP helps you:

  • Analyze the true value of each customer
  • Cleanse and standardize data across all sources
  • Segment customers intelligently
  • Feed product content to deliver more relevant experiences
  • Automate engagement based on Machine Learning

And see how the tools work together to help marketers improve customer experience.

Featured Speakers

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Jake Athey

Vice President, Sales and Go-To-Market, DAM and PIM