Deliver Electrifying CX with a Headless CMS

What's Covered?

  • Review your digital infrastructure in order to expand and build on your existing application architecture to include headless
  • Transform static applications into dynamic Drupal-backed experiences
  • Apply a component-based design system approach to your frontend within a headless context
Additional Info

Outstanding digital experiences demand engaging content across every touchpoint.

As demands for digital experiences rise, the challenge becomes: how do you reuse valuable content and efficiently deliver it across multiple channels in varying contexts?

With a headless architecture, organizations can effectively reuse and re-distribute top-performing content across current and emerging platforms to deliver cohesive and impactful experiences across all digital channels. The goal: build better omnichannel experiences.

Join experts from EPAM and Acquia to learn how a top global pharmaceutical company leveraged a headless solution to quickly deliver and capture the individual look and feel of each of their 100+ unique U.S. brand websites. Ultimately enabling their teams to quickly bring sites to market while reducing the amount of maintenance.