Across the Spectrum: The Different Approaches to Progressively Decoupled Drupal

Progressive decoupling is a compelling approach to building Drupal’s front end where content editors, site assemblers, and front-end developers all maintain contiguous experiences. This allows you to continue leveraging Drupal’s rendering system, while simultaneously using a JavaScript framework to power client-side interactivity and a richer user experience.

There are many different approaches to progressively decoupling Drupal, all with different pros and cons. This webinar will cover the different compelling approaches and some use cases of each, including:

  • How weather.com implemented Drupal with progressively decoupled Panels
  • Warner Music Group’s success with application shell-like progressive decoupling, in which the content area is controlled via JavaScript
  • An approach that leaves the entire page body handed over to JS, with Drupal provided initial state on page load

Featured Speakers

Preston So, Acquia

Preston So

Former Director of Research and Innovation OCTO Acquia

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