Acquia Content Hub: Connect Technologies & Extend Systems to Source Content

Today’s technology landscape is riddled with constantly evolving web platforms, exciting new technologies, and stubborn legacy systems. It’s easy for your business counterparts, who are rapidly creating content for these many sites and channels, to lose sight of what content is created and where it lives.

As a result, data and content are locked in back-end systems across your organization. And because it’s difficult and expensive to connect technologies, you and your team end up wasting time and resources in efforts to publish that content on the web.

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll show you how Acquia Content Hub:

  • Integrates with different technologies and legacy systems with our Rest API
  • Normalizes content across systems through our CDF format
  • Empowers Drupal developers to extend our Drupal modules for additional Drupal functionality
  • Increases efficiencies, so your team can spend more time innovating, rather than searching and re-creating content
  • Speeds your time to market with content rich sites

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