Interactive Workshop: Explore Acquia Site Studio with Bounteous

Join us on Wednesday, April 7th at 11:00 am EDT for an interactive, virtual workshop featuring Acquia Site Studio with our partner, Bounteous. Since we’re aiming for learning in an innovative way, we’re asking for 90 minutes of your time. In exchange, we’ll share:

  • How Bounteous used Site Studio to build and launch their new just ten days! 
  • The opportunity to participate in a hands-on (competitive!) experience, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of Acquia Site Studio. You’ll be broken into teams and given access to your own sandbox to use the tool yourself. Bounteous and Acquia team members will be in each breakout room to provide assistance along the way.
  • An award for the most creative and exciting page! We’ve saved some time for us to gather and discuss what your team built and decide on the lucky winners.


We hope you’ll walk away from this workshop with new ideas and inspiration for 2021.

Our team of experts that will be facilitating this workshop include:
Chris Greatens, Vice President, Drupal Engineering
Scott Weston, Senior Director, Drupal Engineering
Wade Stewart, Lead Drupal Developer
Michael Girgis, Senior Developer
Andy Olson, Lead Front End Developer

What is Site Studio? Site Studio is a better way to design, build, author content and make enhancements to your Drupal site(s).  Through a visual, low-code interface, Site Studio improves the lives of everyone who plays a role in your website -- developers, designers, marketers and IT leaders.

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