Marketing and IT build together:

Create a landing page in 1 hour with low-code


Thursday, June 25, 2020 

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

Online Event

Virtual User Group

Join us for a virtual Acquia User Group, Intro to Cohesion: Building a landing page in less than an hour to

  • Learn how marketing and IT can work together to create a landing page using a low-code approach. 
  • Understand the role each department will play in the process and how their role will change, for the better.
  • Participate in an interactive workshop: you’ll be given access to your own sandbox and will walk away with a landing page that you built using an intuitive interface built specifically for marketers and content editors. 
  • Live Q&A with customers who have successfully launched a development practice with Cohesion. 

What is Cohesion? Cohesion is a better way to design, build, author content  and make enhancements to your Drupal site(s).  Through a visual, low-code interface, Cohesion improves the lives of everyone who plays a role in your website  - developers, designers, marketers and IT leaders.

Acquia User Groups are virtual meetups for Acquia customers, which are designed to be informative and impactful. Driven by our customer community, Acquia User Groups provide face-to-face collaboration to solve common challenges, share ambitious goals, and grow your professional network.

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