Acquia Culture in Action, May 2020

See how Acquia is supporting employee mental health and contributing to the tech community's efforts to do good in difficult times.

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At Acquia, we invest in our people and aim to provide them with the skills and resources they need to succeed both in and out of the workplace. Our culture of learning and mission to make a positive impact is felt throughout the Acquia community, even during the most challenging times. See how Acquians across the world are coming together to inspire their communities and grow their own potential.  

#CommittedToAwesome Health and Wellness Resources 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness about mental health in an effort to reduce the stigma and remind people to focus on self-care. Employee wellness is a priority at Acquia, especially as many of us are dealing with new stress and struggling with the current pandemic situation. To help our team members focus on self-care, we’re providing new resources to boost mental wellness and relaxation.

headspace meditation

Recently, our team launched a new employee benefit initiative by offering employees a subscription to Headspace. Headspace is a popular mindfulness and meditation app with hundreds of easy-to-follow guided meditations on topics like managing stress, improving sleep and increasing focus and creativity. These subjects are essential to employee well-being and we hope that by sharing this content, we can help Acquians live healthier and happier lives.   

#GiveBackMore: Tech-Powered Fundraising and Support for Healthcare Workers

As a company born from Drupal, Acquia has been a proud supporter of helping the Drupal Association sustain their great work during unexpected hardships brought on by COVID-19. Acquians like Alejandro Moreno López led fundraising efforts for the #DrupalCares campaign where Acquians made donations through our employee recognition point system. Overall the #DrupalCares effort went beyond its goal and raised over $500,000! Thanks to all those proud Drupalists out there for proving that we truly are #StrongerTogether. 

In another testament to the power of the tech community, Acquians are using their personal computers to run protein folding simulations that help scientists better understand diseases and work toward cures. The [email protected] project uses computer power from around the globe to gather insights on diseases like COVID-19. This data is then made open to the public to analyze and assist with developing therapeutic treatments. Acquia’s [email protected] team, The Big Blue Drop, has already completed more than 2,300 work units so far! 

drawings for healthcare workers

During this challenging time, Acquians in Sydney wanted to share their appreciation for healthcare workers who are working hard to keep people safe. The Sydney team bought morning coffee for the staff at St.Vincent Health to say thanks. They even added an extra touch by enlisting the little ones from the Acquia family to decorate the cups with their bright, creative designs. 

#SuccessByDesign: Career Development and Inspiration

For anyone entering the workforce, the learning curve can be very steep. We want to do more to guide employees as they embark on a new career path, so they can be well-prepared and find future success. This month, we began Acquia’s new Compass initiative, a multi-session, group learning program where Acquians can explore the skills that are essential for career and professional growth. Each session will build on interactive resources, readings and group discussions as Acquians tackle challenges like how to build a professional brand and the best practices for giving and receiving feedback.

Another great way to bolster your own professional development is by listening to the experts who have achieved amazing things in their field. Acquia India organized a Philosophy Breakout program where they host virtual sessions with different leaders in the tech industry to share wisdom and advice on how to succeed in the business world. The most recent guest was Dr. Subi Krishnan, Vice President and General Manager of Apptio, another company in our Vista family. With over 22 years of experience, Dr. Krishnan has led three different organizations within the Vista portfolio in India. Our team loved hearing his perspective on growing their careers and leadership opportunities.

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